Chapter 23 - Rude Awakening

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Simira watched the men as they all sat in a triangle, heads bowed to their chest, bodies relaxed, the only sign of life was breathing so shallow it was hard to perceive. She had just entered the room from Greylin's chambers when limbs began to shiver and convulse, bodies jerking with increasing violence.

With a pop, the small glass bottle in her hand came uncapped and she raced across the open room to the chairs. At the last moment, she lost traction and slid on her knees into Greylin's chair. The movement of the bodies became more violent with every passing instant as the magician's minds struggled to reconnect with their solid counter parts after a long journey on the mental plane.

Simira held the open bottle up to Greylin's nose and hoped that the strong smelling liquid would force his mind to settle and wake up. With one last forceful jerk, Greylin jumped to his feet and whipped his hands up in a defensive position. Simira stayed down and cowered, knowing that any sudden move could cause Greylin to react before his mind took control of the body that was currently acting on instinct. His eyes blinked and dilated wildly for a few moments before he glanced down and saw her. With one last dilation, his eyes steadied and he held out a hand to help her to her feet.

"Caine next. Hurry up, we don't want them struggling for too long." Greylin ushered her over and waited patiently next to her while she held the bottle up to a now violently twitching Caine. She knew that a wizard could eventually settle back into his mind without being forcefully called to wakefulness, but it was a long and torturous process as each one of the muscles had to be fought for control. When a mind was wretched awake every part of the body began functioning in tandem, allowing the mind the control to assess the situation. That momentary loss of fight from the body allowed the magician to resume his rightful place.

Simira couldn't imagine the amount of control and practice that being a magician took, and it wasn't even something they could control. If they let their control slip, even for a second, their magic was likely to consume them and take control.

Simira had only been with Aleda once when she had been forced to subdue a wizard whose magic had taken control, and it was not an experience that she wanted to repeat. The man's eyes had hidden a childish glee and he had spoken only in short sentences, repeating only what he wanted. The man had been gone; magic ruled his body.

His touch had scalded her skin and it had been clear that he was delighted to be able to control when he touched something. The heat from his hand had covered her skin and seemed as if it was smothering her and sucking away her breath. Aleda had only just managed to get him away before the magic consumed Simira's life.

With another shudder, she wafted the bottle below Caine's nose. His eyes popped open and his hand jerked out and sent her flying backwards and into the wall. Greylin stepped forward and wrestled the flailing limbs tight to Caine's body until he calmed. Simira stayed cowering in the corner where she had fallen trying to avoid drawing even more attention to herself. Greylin walked toward her and took the bottle from her hands with a kind smile.

"Perhaps a seat in the dining area would be preferable." Simira nodded and slowly raised herself from the ground. Caine glanced at her with a worried expression before gathering Ash in his arms as Greylin wafted the bottle beneath his nose. She snuck out of the room and collapsed into a chair with a view into the living room. Ash was easily subdued and quickly regained his consciousness. Caine made sure that Ash was safely with Greylin before approaching her.

"Did I hurt you?" He asked quietly as he crouched by her chair. She flushed, but shook her head. "I am sorry for striking out as I awoke."

"You mustn't feel bad. You weren't completely back yet and so you had no control over all of your actions."

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