Part 134*

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After the wedding and ShraMan's late night Kulfi drive, they had returned back home tired and fell instantly to sleep. The next morning, Shravan was woken up out of his sleep when he heard the bedroom door being knocked. Kissing Sumo's forehead and setting her aside, Shravan got up to answer the door. 

When he opened it, he found Ramnath standing outside with a couple of files in his hands. 

Shravan: (rubbing his eyes) Papa? 

Ramnath: Shravan Beta sorry to disturb you this early in the morning but I just wanted to let you know that I need to talk to both you and Suman regarding this case. We have to get our witnesses and statement ready. So after you guys get ready, meet me in the office. I already called Pushkar there. 

Shravan: Yeah I will. I'll meet you there......Um Papa, does Sumo have to come?

Ramnath: Shravan Beta, she needs to be mentally prepared for all of this. I know you want to protect her by hiding the truth but she has to face it sooner or later. Trust me this is what's best.

Shravan: Ok then Papa. I'll bring Sumo too I guess. 

Ramnath: Great. I'll see you 

Shutting the door, Shravan headed back to bed. He was just about to lay down, when Sumo woke up rubbing her eyes and yawning. 

Sumo: Who was it Shravan???

Shravan: (pulling her into his chest) Papa. 

Sumo: (yawning) This early?

Shravan: Yeah, he wanted to discuss some stuff about the case. You in? 

Sumo: (grinning) Of course I'm in! I mean, I do have a very sexy lawyer fighting for me. (winking) 

A huge grin appeared on Shravan's face hearing Sumo's naughty morning comments. In a length of two seconds, he flipped Sumo over so she was on her back, laying on the bed, and got on top of her so that he was straddling her. 

Shravan: (smirking) Getting naughty, are we Mrs. Malhotra?? 

Sumo: (grinning) I've been under the influence of a very naughty man. I can't help myself. He's kinda contagious. 

Shravan leaned down and began trailing kisses from Sumo's forehead, down to her jaw, and in the crook of her neck. Sumo moaned in pressure as Shravan attacked her body with wild emotions. 

Shravan: I love you Sumo. 

Sumo: (smiling) I love me too! I'm the best, aren't I? 

Shravan: (laughing) You really are. Now hurry up and get ready so we can go talked to Pushkar and Papa. 

Sumo: (getting up) Yes Sir!! 

Shravan: I'm gunna call Preeta and tell her you can't make it to PCT, ok? 

Sumo: (pouting) Can't we go after we talk?  

Shravan: Can't you rest for one day?? 

Sumo: (whining) You treat me like a baby!

Shravan: (smiling) That's cause you are my baby! That is until we have some of our own! 

Sumo: (blushing) Ok fine! Tell Preeta that I won't be coming today. 

With that being said, Sumo rushed to the bathroom, eager to get ready. Meanwhile, Shravan pulled out some files that he had been accumulating against Aditya. It was no surprise that this case was going to happen. Shravan knew this from the day Aditya had been arrest and he had planned the entire case against him. Now it was time to attack and he was fully ready. 

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