Chapter 13 - Disruption

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With Safi around, Caine learned many things he hadn't known about the rest of the magicians. Greylin proffered the chair the mysterious woman had claimed in the earlier meeting and they circled their own.

"Perhaps we should start with our names and a short description of our talents." Caine said, and the others readily agreed.

"I am Greylin, the second magician." The others looked surprised. They had noticed the empty chair but hadn't really thought about what it meant. "The first magician is busy at this time; I believe she should be fetching the expert. She will join us this afternoon." Caine noticed that he said she and not he when refereeing to the first magician.

So, the woman from the room was more important than I initially thought.

"My strengths are in attack magic and metal warfare and my strongest element is air."

Caine knew there was most likely more than that, but just that was impressive enough, though with his age Caine knew he shouldn't be surprised at the power the old man could wield.

"I am Caine. I am a natural born elementalist and I train with weapons magic, specifically that of the sword." It was a good summary, he decided.

"What element?" Safi asked. She had decided that if she was to be guarded by these men, she could not by shy. Caine darkened.

"Fire." Everyone knew there was something else, but he didn't elaborate. Ash spoke up.

"It was your idea to share, so tell the truth." Glaring at his friend, Caine mulled over his words. Deciding he was right, Caine spoke again.

"I am a dual elementalist. I was born with an affinity for both fire and water." The others looked at him with respect and pity, but Safi didn't understand. Caine understood her confusion. "Being born with an affinity with opposing element is very rare. They are extremely volatile and often kill the magician before they grow into maturity. My parents sent me away when I was five so I could learn to control it." Ash knew it was more than that, but he didn't press his friend again. Safi nodded.

"I am Seley. I trained in the elven Capitol. Healing is my strength and I am a Lightening Wielder." Not many existed in the world who could wield the power of pure energy. It was another affinity that could kill or get you killed. Many people recognized their usefulness and tracked them down and tried to enslave them. Seley's life could not have been easy, especially since he trained in a forest where an accident could lead to a fire that would not stop burning.

"I am Ferindale. I was a rogue most of my life, but I recently came to a realization that sent me home. I fight with a spear and learned the water element on my travels. I never attended a formal mage school," His voice was brisk. Caine mused over his rogue companion.

"I am Imorniel." Everyone waited, but he said no more. Accepting his silence, Ash began.

"I am Ash."

"Tell them your full name." Caine ribbed. Taking it as repayment for his own prompting, Ash easily acquiesced.

"I am Lord Ashlake Bladeweilder of the ancient Elfbreaker family. My strengths lie in the fire and ice elements." Ash spoke lightly. Caine knew that he hid part of his nature, but he had never been able to get Ash to tell or confirm it for him.

The rest of the magicians in the front row rattled off names and powers and Caine cataloged them. Their group of twelve had five fire specialists, three air specialists, a Lightening Wielder, two water specialists, an earth specialist, Ash could also control ice, and whatever Imorniel could do. Overall, they were a mostly offensive group with two healers and a good variety of skills. The rogue would be a good scout and tracker and he was sure no one had revealed all of their skills. Magicians were protective and secretive by nature, even to allies and friends. It always paid to have an unknown ace up your sleeve.

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