Believe It

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No matter how I see you
No matter what length I go
I know you'll never see me
I know we won't have each other
My heart's breaking under pressure
I feel my self caving in
I walk by you trying not to glance
Hoping maybe you'll notice me
I'd die for you, I'd live for you
But now I need to live without you
I tell my self I can one step at a time
But ever step I'm making leads back
Back to you, back to that place
The place i can't call mine or be with you
I feel the weight in my steps
I can't escape this maze we've created
These games going longer than I imagined
Pain, hope both stronger than the world
I'm drowning and you don't see or care
I feel suffocated trying to find air
Know it use to be clean, pure but it's tainted
Everyone says it gets better but I'm scared
I'm trying to climb out of the quicksand
Reaching for your help but you leave
I fall in deeper almost willing it
But I pull out, I'll live one more day
Without you through the pain
I'll walk by one day and not notice like you
I'll find I'm strong and make a new path
But for now I'll say I'm fine I'm strong
I'll say I don't care and I'll make it
Even though it's not true now
One day I'll wake up and believe it

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