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Cam's P.O.V.

3 days later 

Now was about the time we could tell Lauren was into Liam. They were awkward around eachother, because they liked eachother but were to afraid to say anything about it. so when we went out to the movies we put a plan in place, to make them make a move. 

"Hey Lauren why don't you go sit next to Liam." I nudged her gently into the row after Liam. Next the boys piled in followed by me and Cesi. 

The lights dimmed. When the Main title Zombieland came across the screen. I noticed out of the corner of my eye Liam hesitate to put his arm around Lauren. 

By the end of the movie the two were snuggled together cosily looking like a couple but remained uptight and quiet on the way out.

"That was a good movie, thanks for coming guys i was in need of a little friendship, Kaylah being annoying and...Oh crap!" Lauren began to walk alittle bit faster to her car. 


"I need to go pick my cousins up from the airport i totally forgot shit there going to be so pissed." 

"Lauren relax, Cam and i will do it, you and liam go have a fun time." I looked wided eyed at Cesi who gave me her classic idea look and turned back to lauren, "What are their names we can pick them up and bring them to your house."

"No guy's really i should go."

"No Lauren it's not a problem why don't you and liam just go relax and we'll go get them." Cesi and i walked over to my car. "Lemme drive!"

"No! this is a brand new car you'll reck it."

"i wont reck it."

"Cesi the first time you rode a skateboard you broke it in half."

"That's why i ride a penny board now. just lemme drive your car to the airport you can drive it back!"


"Oh okay then um their names are Beau and Luke I'll text you Beaus number so you can find them." Cesi climbed into the drivers seat and started the car.

"So who are her cousins?" Cesi glanced between me and the road.

"Um...Their names are..." I pulled out my old crappy phone and opened he text from lauren. "Beau and Luke Brooks they live in austrailia aparently." 

"Discriptive alright then." Cesi pulled the car to a stop outside of LAX and pulled the keys out of the ignition. "Let's find them and get them back to Laur's houe i wanna know what going on there." She climbed out of the car and walking around the front to sit on the hood. 

"You nosy idiot we need to find them they don't know us." 

"Right." She slid off the hood of my car and went to the back to open the truck. she pulled out her penny board and rode back over to where i was. i pulled my phone out of my pocket searching for the number Lauren gave me.  

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