Chapter 17

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The moment the words left her mouth, entered my ears and registered in my brain all anger left my soul and my heart swelled. Then it dawned on me. Her poem? Did she mean love me as a friend? More?

My body was tense as I quivered out my next question "Wh-what d-do you mean... you love me?"

She looked down for the briefest of seconds and when she lifted her head, her eyes shown brighter that I've ever seen them. She cautiously enclosed on my personal space – making me nervous and excited all at once – leaned into me as her eyes flutter shut. I felt soft lips press against mine ever so tenderly. Immediately my body relaxed as I soaked in all I could get from her. I place my hands gently on her cheeks as our lips molded and moved together. I can't believe this is happening! Finally I could taste her sweet cherry flavored lips I yearned for. We parted slightly to take a breath while our lips still ghosted against each other neither of us wanting to stop or lose the contact.

All it took was the look of pure love shining in her eyes for me to connect our lips again. My tongue traced her bottom lip begging for access to her delectable mouth... which she happily granted. My hands trailed down her body and lazily dragged the zipper of her jacket down. Without even realizing it, I soon had stripped her down to her underwear sending my arousal into overdrive feeling her skin and the lace fabric under my fingertips. Her arms wrapped around my neck connecting our lips in a more passionate kiss. I lifted her off the ground and she instinctively wrapped her legs around my waist.

I carried her to my bed as she nipped and kissed her way into my neck sending the most wonderful chills down my body. I planned to place her down gently on the bed but as I leaned over the foot of the bed, she untangled her legs from my body and stood on the bed quickly dropping down to her knees making her eyelevel with me. Her beautiful smiling face is as much a turn on as her delicate fingers traced down my chest to the hem of my shirt calmly pulling it over my head. I watched as her hooded eyes followed her trembling hands on their adventure of my body. Her small hands glided over my pecs softly caressing my nipples. Dear god!

She traced down the muscles on my side towards my abdomen feeling each and every muscle of my upper body. I leaned in to capture her lips again but her small balled up fist in the middle of my torso stopped me. Her head rested on my right shoulder for a few moments, allowing me to breathe her in. I'm glad I'm not the only one needing time to breathe in some much needed air.

Soon however her head lifted off my shoulder and I felt her slender fingers ghost along my waistline. Shit! Her touching is gonna be the end of me! I felt the light pressure of my jeans being undone and drop to the floor fueling my excitement even more. I impatiently stepped out of my shoes and jeans alighting a giggle from her and causing me to chuckle slightly at my own impatient excitement. The romance wasn't lost however as our lips danced together once more. I reached around her beautiful body to unclasp her bra and discard it to the floor. Nights of watching her from my bedroom window crept back into my thoughts, which – even for a teenager – was pretty creepy. I was about to resume my exploration of her body when I felt my right hand being lifted and her soft pink lips laid tender kisses to each pad of my fingers. She looked at me with glossy green globes as she laid my hand lightly on her shoulder. That's it! I can't anymore. I let out a unintended growl as I gently tackled Anya back onto the bed kicking of my boxers in the process.

I barely heard her yelp at my action before our lips connected again. I shifted carefully practically straddling her ensuing I don't crush her fragile little body underneath me. The reality of the situation hit me as I pulled back from her and saw her bare skin illuminated beautifully underneath me by the only light source – the fire. If this is another dream please let me never wake up.

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