Part 3

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Elizabeth pov

Elizabeth: How could he. After everything I've done for him. I loved you Y/n and you betrayed me!
It's that bitch huh? You like whores huh Y/n. You like pigs? I'll I'll I'LL FUCKING KI-
No... I see now. He's been intoxicated by her. As a knight I must save him from evil. *giggles* don't worry Y/n I understand. I'll save you.

Time skip
(Still Elizabeth pov)

Elizabeth snuck unto Jessica's room and threatened her. Elizabeth was wearing dirty clothes and she was covering her face to keep her identity. She raped Jessica and traumatized her .
The day after Y/n came to Jessica.
Elizabeth thinking this would ruin their relationship they left them alone. But it only made them stronger. Now Y/n is not living with Jessica swearing to protect Jessica from this rapist.

End part 3

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