Important Author's Note!

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Hey guys...😊

I know you are all waiting for an update and I will update later but I need to know something first. I have a lot of people messaging me and asking to do a Lauren book and I thought why not so I was wondering if I did do a Lauren....would you guys read it?

But here's a few things I should let you know:

This book that I'm working in now(Kendall book) will be coming to an end soon but don't worry I WILL write more.

•For all of you who are waiting for the Hailey book please don't worry! I'm currently writing it and it will be released soon.

•I will be doing books for the girls such as Another Kendall Jenner book, maybe another Hailey Baldwin, Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello but it will all take time so be patient with me and please feel free to comment what stories you would look forward to and if you have and ideas you would like to share please drop a comment 👇

•My updates will be a little slow because of finals coming up but I will try my best to update whenever I can 😊

Thank you guys so much for supporting me and actually reading me book(Which I'm shook about) and I can't believe how many reads they have gotten!

Unexpected Love- 196K
•A Family Friend - 111K 😱😱

Like woah!!!! Anyways love you guys😘💖 and keep an eye for that update And please comment telling me what you think or have an idea for or no update! Jk...maybe😂😐

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