Chapter two

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'Stella?' I ask astonishingly, confusing.

'Just what I said, a surprise! I told you before!' She happily jumps and gives me a hug. Yea! she told me about a surprise, she was going to give me. But she's so late why? and when mom had bought me a new mobile then why she hadn't told me?

She is a big liar! cheater! At first, she was lying that she won't come and now? But as a friend, I should be more happy, because she had finally come! I know she is liar, stupid and disgusting but she is my best friend. I have to accept it, I smile while hugging her too. 

It's almost 12:00 pm. 

We two are in my room, watching a horror movie together having popcorns and cold drinks. The lights are off and we both are taking blanket on our lap so that, if any horror scene will come. We will shut our eyes inside the blanket and scream as loud as we can! 

She is wearing a shirt with long sleeves and black jeans. Her hair color is red, she had colored it by parlor for looking rock in context and by the way, it looks amazing on her. I am thinking, I should change my hair color into bluish pink, these two colors will be perfect for my band contest? well, I'm the leader because all of my companions are afraid! what a stupid thinking have they, When teacher asked that who wants to be leader of band 'Pop Rock Jigsaw'? At that time, all my friends pointed at me. They tried a lot by putting by name to the teacher, I was going to refuse it but my stupid friends! They hadn't make me do that. 

'Popcorns?' She is passing a big pack of popcorn, she is  so kind and well, she is my best friend! Why she couldn't do? It's good for me that she cares me a lot. I smile at her gently

'Yea..Sure.' When I grip the pack of popcorn, I look left and right inside the pack, but unfortunately! she had not left at least one popcorn! Stupid! She had eaten all of the popcorns, what the hell she is passing empty pack to me? 

'Enjoy your popcorns.' She chuckles as there are so much popcorns in it! She thinks I'll bear it! that's her dream. 

Dear friend laugh and laugh! how much you can! you fool! You can't do this to me? I look at her seriously, right now. I am just wanting to kill her! she isn't looking at me, but is watching television with rapt attention. But now, she is gripping blanket harder and pulling it slowly to her eyes. It makes me fear, what's going to happen! I suddenly snatch half blanket from her hand and am going to cover my eyes. I look at the movie, there is door opening slowly and....

'It's coming! It's coming!..' She mutters but I can hear her muttering. 

'Ah!!!!' I scream because the ghost suddenly come forward screen, it's all face is clearly showing! how  horrible is this scene! Skin color is completely white, blood flowing from the ghost's eyes and it's teeth are full from blood. It's worst day of my life! I hate ghosts, it's scaring a lot!! 

We both are screaming because the ghost voice is being louder and louder that scares us! Our screaming's sound is echoing all around the room and I think, everyone in the building is clearly hearing our screaming. 

'Run!!' She pulls me and we start to run all around my room because, we were just waiting for someone! who will open the lights like in our childhood, we are same as we were in our childhood. I can't see anything in the room, there is so much darkness. I don't know, where I'm going, I'm just screaming as loud as I can and running as fast as I can! 

Suddenly mom switches all lights on and went from there, she knows everything well from childhood I think?. All of the darkness is now gone! I can see that I am at my balcony, how can I be here? I hadn't felt? It's just because of stupid darkness now I'm in my real world! I run away from balcony and now I can see is Stella's laying on my bed reading one of my books, just going to finish the last page. She is taking her phone using flash light in her hand! how disgusted is she! It means, she has been still on bed for almost 35 minutes! just screaming for making me worry, I hate her! She lies, lies and lies!

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