Part 1

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You live in a world where magic exists. You're a peasant with a childhood friend called Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a knight, she's a bit tomboyish and is popular with a lot of women. Elizabeth has long blond hair, taller than you, and fit as fuck.
You we're excited because you can finally meet Elizabeth after a long time. Her journey has exhausted her and you're sure her favorite snacks would help her.
You walk to the street and saw Elizabeth riding a horse and carrying the beautiful princess. Elizabeth saw you in the crowd and signalizes you to come to the usual place at 7:30 pm after the celebration.
You came there but you did not see Elizabeth you thought she was just late so you waited for her

8:00 pm
Nothing yet

9:00 pm
Still nothing

10:35 pm
It was getting late so you figured that she was tired so you went back home. Disappointed but you understood it why she didn't came. You just brushed your feelings away. You went to your bed and slept.
It was morning already, you got ready for the day and went to work. You work as an apprentice to a master of apothecary. His name is Hugh, Hugh was harsh and strict even the slightest mistake he would slap you so hard you would sometimes cough up blood. As you walk there you saw Elizabeth on the street wearing fancy clothes.

Elizabeth: Oh! Y/N I'm so sorry I couldn't meet with you.

Y/n: Elizabeth no need to be sorry. I know these parties can go for hours and besides your a knight!

Elizabeth: You know what? I'll make it up to you. Friday meet me on Lisa's pub. You hear me!? Don't be late now or I'll beat you ti'll your eyes pop!

Y/n: Ok ok! I'll be there. Now good bye good friend I'm gonna go for work....
Oh yeah! Here. "Gives snacks" peace Eliza.

You ran to your master's shop and you we're 5 minutes late. You saw your master with an angry expression as a result you we're punished. You got punched in stomache. You groan in pain.


Y/n: I'm sorry master I won't do it again.

Hugh: you better.

Time skip

It was Friday and Elizabeth has been waiting for you in the pub


Y/n: hey Elizabeth what's up

Elizabeth what's wrong you seem tired. Bloody hell is that bruises on your face?!

Y/n: It's nothing really just some of old Hugh's beating. But hey at least I help sick people with their daily lives.

Elizabeth: Y/n you still want to be an apothecary? My determined as ever. Ever considered quitting this silly dream?

Y/n: No. Never

Elizabeth: *chuckles*

Y/n: what's so funny?

Elizabeth: you just seem so serious. Ok Y/n you win! Go get'em tiger.

Y/n: Geez.

Elizabeth and you drunk as many beers you can possibly consume. The day after you had a headache. You cursed Elizabeth for forcing you to drink so much. You look out of your window and think to yourself (nothing could go wrong)

End part 1

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