chapter one

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"I am worldwide handsome." the narcissistic ghost behind me blew a flying kiss at his reflection on the shop window.

I quickened my pace, feeling so embarrassed although I was the only one who could see Jin. It's been a few years since I first met him and living with him. At some points, I was used to having him around but that overly confident part honestly peeved me a little ― especially when he blew flying kisses to strangers on the street and sadly the poor people could not see it. Creepy and blessed at the same time.

"Byun Mirae! Wait for me!" He yelled and I walked faster than before, heels clanking against the pavement. Unfortunately, as a ghost, he has advantages and one of them was to fly in the air and caught up with me. My heart almost stopped when I suddenly saw his mocking face right before me, sticking his tongue. His translucent figure made it even creepier.

I halted my steps, entering an alley nearby so that I could have a small talk with him. Leaning against the cemented wall of the quiet and dark alley, I lifted my head just to see Jin levitating above.

"Jin, I swear I was this close to call an exorcist." I grunted in frustration. If my next destination was not my workplace, I probably would have ripped my hair already because of his behaviours.

"Why? I am just letting the world to know the truth," Jin confidently replied, flipping his non-existent long hair proudly, making me did an eye roll for umpth time today.

"Why don't you go away and play with your ghosty friends? Why do you have to stick with me?" I asked in annoyance.

He cocked his head to a side and gave puzzled look. "I've told you before, right? I cannot see other ghosts lurking around and no one else could see me except you, I don't know why too," he reminded. Yeah, now that he mentioned it, I just remembered the fact that I was probably the only person who could see him ― out of all creatures that live in this planet earth. I love my fortune so much, please note the sarcasm.

"And that means exorcist cannot see me too." He smirked. "So if you ever go to one, they'll think that you're crazy. You know Mirae, they're too low levelled to see the handsome Kim Seokjin." He nodded in agreement to his own statement.

I swear I willing to pay trucks of money if anyone could tell me how to get rid of this narcissistic ghost.

A/n; another short story that hopefully can make you happy ♡

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