Unruly Servant (chapter 25)

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Chapter Twenty-Five

“It certainly is impressive how far you’ve humans have come,” I heard myself mumbling as I fanned my face under the brim of the large sun hat positioned on top of my curls.

Ciel shot me a glare that I just smirked at, however even he looked impressed by the massive steel monster before us. The Titanic certainly lived up to its reputation as the palace of the sea. It was huge, larger than any ship I’d ever seen before. However with the rate at which everything was growing, I wouldn’t be surprised if in a month there was another ship even grander and larger than this. At the moment though, the Titanic held fast to its title as the crown jewel of the oceans and everyone wished to be apart of its maiden voyage. We happened to be either lucky enough or unfortunate enough to be a part of the history making. 

“I fail to see the appeal of these things,” Sebastian muttered crossly.

I giggled, coyly covering everything of my face except my eyes with my fan. “A servant shouldn’t be mocking something superior to their class.”

“If that was an insult directed at my class I should hope you are prepared to deal with the consequences in the near future,” he threatened with a smile, his eyes flashing crimson in the bright sunlight.

“Both of you need to act as your status suggest,” Ciel snapped. “Sebastian, did you finish  delivering our luggage?”

Sebastian bowed as much as was allotted in the crowd on the gangplank up to the upper class deck. “Yes, my lord. They should be awaiting our arrival to our suite.”

Ciel nodded curtly. “And our appointment?”

“Set and on the hour.”

“Good,” Ciel complimented with a mischievous grin. “You aren’t as incapable of a servant as I was beginning to think you to be.”

Sebastian appeared baffled. “Have I displeased you, my lord?”

Ciel hummed in response, not answering further as he moved ahead of our little group, his svelte form nearly vanishing from view. Sebastian blinked after him, his eyebrows knitting together in confusion at the young earl’s comment. I, on the other hand, was having a hard time containing the bout of giggles that wanted to suddenly burst from my throat. 

“If you are too dense to catch that, Mr. Michaelis, there is no helping you in the ways of relationships and love,” I goaded playfully. “I believe that was our young Ciel’s attempt at flirting.”

If anything Sebastian’s eyebrows drew together further. I sighed and snapped my fan closed, promptly delivering a blow to his arm with it. He didn’t even flinch at the contact, but it certainly gained his attention.

“Really there is no helping you, Sebastian,” I grumbled. “Are you blind?”


“Then please inform me of how you missed that expression of his?” I inquired. 

Bewilderment was my response. “Expression?”

I sighed, pointing after the retreating form of Ciel. “I shall not explain any further, but I shall ask you this: what are you’re intentions towards him?”

Sebastian’s eyes moved from me to Ciel. I waited patiently for his response, knowing it could take a while. Demons aren’t as cold hearted as humans rumored us to be, however emotions such as love are things we forget over our extensive lifetimes. It’s why we are thought to be heartless, soulless things. Our existence is actually a sad one. Even should be we feel love, we do not necessarily know the signs of it or what name to place to the emotions. Few of us actually retain our ability to do so. Those that do are lucky.

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