three 2/2

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Defsoul✔️: tf Is 'rey'

ReyWang 👑: it means king in Spanish

YoungJae ☀️: aw

NotJacksonsoppa👏🏻: y IS NO ONE TALKING BOUT 'not jr'S NAME

NotJacksonsoppa 👏🏻 : it's so r00d

NotJacksonsoppa 👏🏻 : like dood u can't be fucking us all bruh that's nasty

ReyWang 👑: it's not as rude as urs tho

Defsoul ✔️: moving on...

FuckY'all 🖕🏻: have y'all heard bts' new album tho

NotJacksonsoppa 👏🏻: YOLO YOLO YO YOlo yoLo yO

ReyWang 👑: DimPLE IS A B0p

Defsoul ✔️: nah

Defsoul ✔️: EXO is waaaay better


YoungJae ☀️: nO I NEED U GIRL WAE

NotJacksonsoppa 👏🏻: can we talk about jaebum's name like

NotJacksonsoppa 👏🏻: boi that looks like a depression

FuckY'all🖕🏻: ikr

ReyWang 👑; stop judging everyones name and look at yours like damn bro that hurts my guT

NotJacksonsoppa 👏🏻 has changed his name to maybejacksons!

Maybejacksons: happy?

ReyWang 👑: YEY THANK U OppA

FuckY'all🖕🏻 has changed his name to CallMeMom

YoungJae ☀️: mooooooom

CallMeMom; yes sunshine

Youngjae ☀️: im hungry

Defsoul✔️ changed his name to JaeDaddy!

Maybejacksons: tf

ReyWang 👑; cocky much?

YoungJae ☀️: DAAAD

JaeDaddy: wat

YoungJae ☀️: I'm hungry

JaeDaddy; tell ur mom, he'll cook for u

YoungJae ☀️; uggggghh

YoungJae ☀️: bye guys

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