Calm The Fire: 30

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Standing on the balcony, Náriel's eyes glanced over the darkened surroundings. It didn't seem that long ago that she was admiring the golden glow of the setting sun. Now she stood looking over the cold dark of the night, and at the brightly shining stars. The moon brightly glowed casting a blanket of silver light over everything. The light of the moon illuminated Dale, the tops of the buildings shimmered in the night, glistening spots of dew coated the roofs. The same glistening moisture also laid across the leaves of the trees and the surrounding grass.

“I think I’ll miss this view.” Náriel said firmly while looking to the side.

Thorin leant against the balcony stone rail and nodded slowly. “Just the view?” He smirked, he laughed lightly while she playfully shoved him on the shoulder.

“No.” Náriel said while narrowing her eyes as he looked at her with a smug questionable look. “Everything.”

“I meant it earlier, stay.” Náriel rolled her eyes, “I know!” Thorin exclaimed impatiently before she could reply. “You can't. You made that clear.”

“Maybe I can visit again?” Náriel smiled, it seemed to be the only ultimatum she could come up with. Thorin frowned and looked at her with a sidewards look. “What? I could, couldn't I?”

“You'll need to somehow pursued your uncle.”

“Oh,” Náriel said quietly and tapped a finger to her chin in thought. “You have a point there.”

“But,” he stood up and drummed his fingers against the stone rail. “You are always welcome here.”

A smile appeared slowly on Náriel's face. Giving a nod she looked up at the sky. “I would return the favour, but you don't want to visit Mirkwood. Honestly you don't.” Her eyes looked to him quickly. “Believe me. Stay here. Erebor is peaceful, pleasant and generally an all round nice place to be.” Náriel smiled.

Thorin nodded thoughtfully. “It is, isn't it?”

“Yes.” She nodded and gave a small sigh. They were both silent then. A peaceful quiet surrounded them. Somewhere below people were still mingling about. The farewell event had long since ended. But that didn't mean people had returned to their homes or to their rooms. Some still stayed up conversing and walking about.

After getting told to be ready for early mid-morning, Náriel had watched as Thranduil – alongside Aranhi and Glandur – walked slowly and quietly away. Thus leaving her in the company of the surrounding Dwarves at the time. But even they soon disappeared. Balin had reappeared and ended up almost dragging Dwalin away from the table he was seated at. Him and Glóin had commenced some sort of drinking competition, again. Glóin apparently wanted a rematch. His brother, Óin, who Náriel hadn't met previously had appeared to watch the spectacle with a curious gaze.

Even after all of this, it was Thorin who naturally pulled her aside. The two had walked through the quiet corridors talking now and again, or much like now, enjoying the silence.

“What will you do when you return home? Surely not return immediately to spider hunting.” Thorin said at length, he was curious really what home had in store for her.

Náriel smiled. “After a day riding, I don't think so.” She shook her head and looked down at the darkened trees before them. “Most likely unpacking,” she smiled and rolled her eyes. Unpacking, packing, it was tedious. “Then catching up with Legolas, I have missed him. Same goes for Tauriel.”

Thorin looked at her curiously. “Friend?” He already knew of her cousin, but the other named Elf he knew nothing of her.

“Yes, she is a dear friend, and she is Captain of the Elven Guard.”

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