Who Says You Can't? YOU DO

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Who Says You Can’t? YOU DO is stimulating and, regardless of one’s success, perceived and otherwise, assists in determining how to engineer what we want in life and from life. I found Daniel’s philosophy unique. I recommend that everyone, regardless of their status in life, would gain much benefit from reading this book.  —Professor Geoffrey Edelsten, Medical entrepreneur and author of Enigma

Making my way through a lifetime of self-help books, finally a text which executes practical use of how to apply the switch to an intelligent and positive lifestyle. Daniel’s enthusiasm leaps out of the pages like he is personally behind your cause. Compelling reading! —Helen Kapalos, Senior news presenter, Network Ten


Daniel is someone who amazes you with his personal experiences and knowledge. Don’t let his age fool you: Daniel possesses the clear and positive understanding of how the world works, and the effects that certain behaviour can have on a person’s self esteem. His passion and thoughtful commentary should be shared with everyone. —Ahron Young Bureau chief, Sky News


Daniel has uncanny intuition of the core issues driving the challenges his clients face. He possesses the skill to gently guide them to a new and empowering perspective. His intelligence and vibe is contagious. Daniel has the capacity to understand and respect each person’s situation, yet at the same time he challenges them to move beyond their obstacles and achieve what they want in life. —Toby O’Brien, Senior psychologist, Sydney, Australia


His [Daniel’s] encouragement and strategies to push past known limits are second to none, truly genius. If only the world had more people like Daniel in it. —Angela Jacobsen, Celebrity nanny and author of Baby Love: Angela Jacobsen’s A to Z

Daniel understands people of any age group. In my experience, he can easily connect with the youth. He knows what they need to achieve. His strategies transform lives. —Nick Bracks, Media figure and owner of underBracks

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