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Whenever little Jerri loses her tooth

She will weep as Tom will laugh

But when Tom is forced in a lion suit

Little Jerri wins this round


They will always race in malls

"No stepping on the line" they say

Their parents will think they're adorable

Whilst they always see each other like prey


Tom and Jerry Show friends will say

When they sit together at the academy

Tom will always hate the fact

As much as little Jerri does


Jerri's teeth are finally complete

Tom's attire are a cap and a shirt

Chasing and running seem like yesterday

Trading them for Xbox and iPhone


But no matter how long Jerri's hair is

Or how broad Tom's shoulder is

Or how gadgets replace their races

They still tease each other, like good old times


Jerri grows a pimple, Tom grows whiskers

Jerri pushes Tom on the swimming pool

Tom blasts a confetti in front of Jerri

But fun doesn't end there yet


And Junior is the worst

Tom sets fire on Jerri's dress

Jerri splashes water on Tom's console

But still it's fun, they forgive each other


Whilst people thought it's immature

Tom and Jerri thought it's nature

Aging seventeen but act like seven

Somehow none wants this to end


At senior prom they're partners

One loves the other secretly

One keeps on denying the love

Afraid to know how their friendship shalt last


They go out of the ballroom

To count stars under the pitch black night

Their friendship breaks as Tom risks it

Striking his lips thoroughly to Jerri's


None says a word after

But both are feeling happy and worried

As days go by nobody mentioned

What are hidden beneath them


At college they parted ways

Tom loves computers as much as Jerri does to fashion

After four years of missing each other

Finally they do, and admit their feelings


Being a couple for about six months

They love each other wholeheartedly

But Jerri feels that there's something wrong

Tom is always busy with his work


One time while Tom is driving

Jerri complains on how she felt lonely

With Tom working so damn hard

And never giving her time completely


They both argue for a long time

Tom explains how this will help their future

Jerri will say, but she will always be alone

Both heated, much hotter than the engine


Tom finally manages to say

"I never want to see you again!"

The brakes then get a day off

Tom then swivel the car to the dark


Instantly a loud sound just conquers

Little Jerri get smashed on the wind shield

Tom is safe and his wish is granted

"I never want to see you again!" Yes it happened


Tears go out of Tom's eyes

He immediately regret what he said

It's pretty ironic how he hates the world

Granting his wish in just one simple phrase


He kneels in front of the grave

Whispering about, "remember when..."

He is sobbing as he smiles

When little Jerri's spirit is hugging him from behind


One day Tom's mom faints as she discovered

Little Tommy puts a bullet through his heart

Beside him is a paper written:

"Death ends a life, not a relationship."


Before, people doubt that they could last

Most relationships do perhaps

But nothing can compare to this

Tom shalt be with Jerri forever.



This is dedicated for all those people who are in a relationship right now. Cherish him/her because you might not know that time is much lesser than you think. I could see some people playing / cheating his/her love one. Or sometimes just using him/her for something. It's wrong to do that. Love does not hurt. Being cheated hurts. Being left alone hurts. Being unwanted hurts. Do not blame love for anything that made your life miserable.

Love one another truly. Nothing could ever stop you. You could do it!

Thank you for reading. I love you. :)

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