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We were training in the local pub. This is where we trained with aspiring fighters or drunk assholes that thought they could beat me or anyone in a fight. It has been a couple of days since my fight and I was still in agonising pain but Callum and I both knew I wasn't going to stop training. He didn't even need to tell me to leave because he knew I wouldn't.

"Alright guys, lets train hard," Callum called. I nodded and looked around to find that familiar face that I beat up not to long ago.

"Look who it is, Miss Jaycee herself," I smiled, making my way over to her.

"If it isn't Addison Wilcox," she smiled. I watched as her whole body went tense when I was in he's in front of her.

"How's that eye of yours," I joked, tracing the scar I gave her during the fight.

"It wasn't a fair fight," she replied simply. True, she was distracted but she should learn to keep her personal life out of the ring.

"And who's this?" I asked, my eyes roaming over to the girl next to her. She was gorgeous. She didn't look as good as Lilac but she was definitely up there. God why am I thinking that?

"My friend," she mumbled, unimpressed with me checking her out. But as I always told myself, it's okay to window shop if you don't buy anything.

"Is she single?" I asked, liking what I saw but I knew she wasn't my type so teasing Jaycee was a must. She seemed very nervous under my glare. So I confidently tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. Her cheeks reddened and she looked directly at the ground.

"No," Jaycee replied, her voice agitated. She must like her and that's very obvious from the small encounter we've had.

"Shame, she's a pretty one," I sighed, tracing her freckles with my eyes. I had always had a fascination for freckles. I didn't understand how people didn't like them. They were like little constellations.

"Do you train here?" Jaycee asked, interrupting my thoughts. I brought my attention back to her.

"Yes, sometimes we get drunk guys who bet if they win they'll take us home. I still haven't gone anywhere after years of training here," I smiled, wiping the sweat from my brow.

"Allow any new faces?" I smiled. She doesn't know what she's up against. If she fights like she did that night she wouldn't stand a chance against me or even a drunk guy.

"Why of course, but we don't train easy Jaycee. It's a lot more advanced,"

"I'm sure I can handle it," she smirked. I traced my finger along her jaw and sighed.

"I'll speak with Callum and get back to you," I handed her my phone so she could put her number in.

"Nice meeting you Isabelle," I smiled, winking at her and heading towards the mat. I heard Isabelle and Jaycee arguing as they left the room.

"New blood?" Callum asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Supposedly. She's good but brings personal life into the ring,"

"So distracted easily?"

"My point exactly,"

"Well maybe if you train her up she will be as good as you,"

"She's got the potential, the fitness and the looks just the head space is all wrong,"

"Well you've been through hell and back Addi, so you'd be perfect for her,"

"I guess so," I sighed, tightening the straps on my knuckles.

"Got another fight Saturday if you're up to it, easy win,"

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