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"Hello! I'm Cassandra Cleō and I'm here on the set of Avengers Infinity War with some of the cast members: Tom Holland, Vin Diesel, and Gwyneth Paltrow! Would you three mind telling us a little bit about which character you play?" The reporter woman asked the three celebrities standing beside her.

Pointing the microphone to Gwyneth, Cassandra raised her eyebrows to prod the guests on.

"Well," Gwyneth said, "I've had the privilege of taking Pepper Potts' role in these past few movies, and it's been a lot of fun to, not necessarily star in but, watch most of the production as it comes to a close."

Tom smiled, "As a semi-new character in this movie, I also have part of the privilege of watching the film in progress. If I've to pick a certain moment, it's great fun to watch all three Chris's on set arguing and playing around."

Cassandra pulled back her mic, "And all three of you get to watch?"

Vin motioned for the microphone. "I actually only give audio to my character, Groot, so unfortunately the first time I get to see the acting is in a theatre with everyone else."

Cassandra nodded sympathetically. "Well now, I understand there will be a live broadcast on NBC in about twenty minutes with most of the cast. Will any of you be there?"

"It's focus is on the Avengers and the actors who play them, so sadly that doesn't include me or Vin," Gwyneth said.

"Tom? Will you be attending?"

"Yes, I'll be there."

Casandra looked back at the camera. "Well, there you go! This has been some lesser characters on the set of Marvel's Infinity War. Back to you Tim."


"This one's for you Tom," Anna Rowlins swiped up to reveal the question from a fan on facebook.

When the audience and people on stage saw the question, Tom glanced quickly at ___ with that small smirk that she'd come to adore.

"When did we meet and what's our story?" ___'s face turned into a playful glare at her boyfriend. It quickly turned into a laugh when the audience started calling for the story. "Funny story actually, now the world will know how much of a liar Tom Holland really is." she took Tom's hand and he glanced up at everyone with a lost puppy look in his eyes.

"It's true." He stated. "Our relationship was built on lies." A collective gasp was audible from the audience and fellow peers onstage. "But just listen, it gets worse. Don't you worry guys, it's a clincher. So I was visiting this university on business one week this past February and..."

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