Chapter 26

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I gasp awake, hands clenching my head in desperation

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I gasp awake, hands clenching my head in desperation. A gruesome ache throbs through my brain in tiny jackhammer rhythms, pounds into my nose. It won't stop. Once I find that chick, I will kill her and there will be nothing quick about her death.

The more struggle, the further these black, silky sheets bind me. They're entangling me in their own web. Panicking, I thrash around, trying to get out from under this twisted cocoon, only to end up falling off the bed once I do.

A deep throb stabs at my left thigh. Why does this hurt so much? My teeth clench up as I suppress the agonizing cry lodged in my throat. If my kidnappers don't know I'm awake, I certainly don't want them knowing now.

This room is huge. Like the sheets, it's decorated in a dark, elegant theme, modern meets chic with stiff looking furniture and a small bar built-in to the wall. The floors surprisingly warm, slick and smooth from opaque glass stretching to and up one wall.

When I move to get up, my head throbs. I gently touch the side, trying to focus on the bed, anything but the pain and ringing in my ears. My fingers grasp my dress, quickly find not cotton material but stiff fabric. Short sleeves on either side of my arms, pants running down my legs. Someone changed my clothes.

Gasp. My necklace. Marc's necklace, I mean. What is it?

I feel around the pockets, look inside my bra and find my underwear is different. I'm not going to think about that now. I need to find that necklace. My hand knocks into the nightstand amidst the chaos. A loud thunk hits the ground next to me.

Oh, thank the stars There it is.

I snatch it off the floor and clasp it on. Safe and sound, hiding back under my shirt.

Through weak knees, my hands grip the nightstand, helping me keep my balance as I stand up. There's a small flat circle protruding from the wall by a white door. That must be a monitor. The walls are covered in the same creamy white, so hideous it twists my insides.

One step forward and I lose my balance completely. My body slams into the window wall beside my bed, waking it from its slumber. Moving images flash across the glass like it's a screen all on its own.

Each image has its own persona; movies, cartoons, and the UFE's broadcasting channel. Earth's temperature from all parts of the world—from names of major cities no longer standing. They've hacked into our satellites, and nothing tells me where I'm at.

Only one image stands out from the rest.

I tap my finger on the screen, instantly enlarging before my eyes. In a shocking blast, twenty more similar screens pop up and spread across the window. Each one broadcasts a different image of floating statues being burned, geometric-shaped buildings being bombed, and cylinder type objects electrifying their targets, civilians and soldiers alike. White uniforms everywhere. These are images from primordial.

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