Part 21- Cooking with Sly

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Sly's Pov

I walked in the kitchen and spaghetti noodles, tomato sauce, mushroom, hotdogs, onion and. I got one pot and put the tomato sauce in the pot and turned the stove on and added what I had to "Hey Mika, call Lucinda and ask her how everything is going" I said "Sure" Mika said, I then had a big strainer and put the spaghetti in it and put it in a glass bowl and the same with the tomato sauce. Of course with a serving spoon and serving fork, plates and utensils, then I put the glass bowl's, plates, serving spoon's and fork's and the utensils on the table "You go ahead and eat Mika. I'll go check up on Jess" I said "Alright" Mika said and I went inside the room and  saw Jess and Luna sleeping soundly, then sat on the bed "Hey Jess, time to wake up" I said and she started waking up.

Jess' Pov

I was having a nice nap when I heard "Hey Jess, time to wake up" and then I started waking up. I sat up and rubbed my eyes "But I still want to sleep" I said "I know sweetheart but you also have to eat" Sly said and kissed my forehead and I carried Luna and got off the bed and went outside "Hey you two, brought Laurance" Alex said "That's good Alex" I said and walked to the table and tasted the tomato sauce and it tasted a bit sour so I put some sugar in it "I'm just gonna grab some spaghetti and sleep after" I said and grabbed some spaghetti and ate. After eating I ate I went back inside and fed Luna and went to sleep.

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