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The backfield was completely packed with the giant stage, chairs and people. I never imagined that this many people would be coming to watch us graduate. It was just... Strange. The teachers were running around making sure that everything was in order. Many of the people graduating were speaking with their invitees or directing them to their seats. I spotted my mom and her video camera sitting next to Luke, Evie, and Brody.

"Hey Brody. Did Garrett introduce you to these crazy people?" I joked, which made him laugh, but earned me a few scowls from the other three. "He sure did. He's actually coming right now," he said looking behind me. I turned around to be enveloped into a tight bear hug. "I can't believe we're graduating today!" He said excitedly. I pushed him off of me before he could suffocate me. "You need to learn how to not squish me to death and wrinkle my clothes," I laughed. Garrett then turned to his left and gave Ave the same hug, but she pinched him before he could do any damage.

"You are really strong for being so short," he joked and blocked her punch. "All graduates please report to their designated seats," the principal announced from the microphone on stage. "Alright, I'll see you guys after the ceremony," I said to Ave and Garrett before going towards the "E" section. Ave and Garrett were lucky to have last names so close to each other; they got to sit together. The grade twelve teachers, including Dan, who I haven't seen until now, lined up in their places with huge smiles plastered onto their faces.

The principal and vice principal walked towards the microphone and began speaking. Everyone quieted down and got into their proper seats as they introduced themselves and gave a little speech about the graduating class. The valedictorian was next to go up. Brian was the name of the guy giving an amazing speech. I'd seen him around, but he was one of those people that you've never shared a class with so you wouldn't know anything about him other than what you've heard from gossip. Apparently he had gotten a full scholarship, like Avery, to the University of Toronto and was also a great hockey player. I zoned out for most of the speech, but clapped along when everyone else started. We were then sent to line up. The names started being called. I was feeling a bit queasy just thinking about walking in front of people to accept my key to my future.

"Sky Evans," the principal called. I swallowed my own saliva and took a deep breath before I started walking up the stairs. Right before I reached the last step I heard a deep voice that I loved call out my name and gasped at what I saw. My father was standing near the tables with two suitcases and was waving at me. The biggest smile that's been on my face for a long time kept on getting bigger as I kept walking towards the principal to accept my diploma and shake his hand. We both turned to face the crowd and smiled for any pictures that would be taken. He congratulated me before I stepped off stage and another name was called. I made my way back to my seat just in time for Garrett's name to be called up. After what felt like two hours, but was really only 25 minutes, the rest of the graduates had accepted their diplomas and awards were back in their seats. The principal and a few teachers gave their congratulations to the class before he set us free.

As soon as I got up I ran straight towards where my father was standing. "Daddy!" I screamed before I jumped into his open arms. "Congratulations, Sky. You're ready to start a new life," he said while squeezing me. "Why are you here so early?" I asked him and wiped a happy year from my cheek. "I wanted to see my only child graduate in person," he said as my mom and friends made their way over. My mom didn't seem to be on the little surprise so when made it to my father she jumped on him and started kissing him.

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