Werewolf Tom (TomTord)(part 1)

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(This werewolf one-shot is going to have to come eventually. It's practically in every one-shot book)

I've liked Tord for a while now. So, to increase my chances, I've been hanging out with him a lot lately. It turns out, we have a lot more in common then we thought. I walked into Tords room.

Tom:"Hiii...." Oh no...I burst into his room saying 'HI!' when he's on the phone...

Tord:"Uh, that..was just a roommate of mine...hold on..." he put his phone to his chest, looking at me. "What are you doing here?" He doesn't sound ticked off, just a bit nervous.

Tom:"Sorry to interrupt, but who's that?"

Tord:"Uuh, an old friend.."

Tom:"Can I meet-"

Tord:"No! I mean...he's bad news...you shouldn't be involved with him." I just gave him a look a sympathy, worried about his safety with this person. "...you might get hurt."

Tom:"Tord. I'm confused...more so concerned." Tord looked down in defeat. "I'm worried, Tord...but, I won't get into your business... Now, wanna play some video games?" I said with a kind smile, trying to lighten up the mood. He took my offer, hanging up the phone. 

Tord:"I'm going to destroy you." He laughed, giving me a playful punch. It's nice to see him like this. The Tord I know. Sometimes, he really can make my heart flutter without knowing. The way he looked when I walked in scared me too.  Hopefully, I won't see him like that again. Or I might just have to get a little protective. Though it could possibly expose some potential feelings I have for him. As long as he's safe and happy, I couldn't care less of whatever happens to me.

After we played our game, I went to take a shower. During our time hanging out, I was to distracted by that phone call. Who could make Tord  that nervous-or scared? Of all people.

Knowing this made me listen to every word he says-in explicit detail. On edge. Some hints could've slipped, giving me a great opportunity to ask. His safety is one of my top priorities. By any means necessary.

Later that night, we watched a movie together. It was the reboot of "It". Honestly, it wasn't that scary. Every time when Tord screamed like a girl, I comforted him. After laughing at him of course. By the time the credits rolled, Tord fell fast asleep, laying on my side. I became a blushing mess looking down at his sleeping, adorable face. It was a shame I had to get up. He couldn't sleep on the couch, so I picked him up and staggered over to his room. Plopping his body on the bed. 

This is a great opportunity to look for answers. I hate to snoop in Tords room, but like I said. For his safety...whatever it takes.

The desk lamp shined down on the papers scattered across the surface. It appears that he's been looking through them recently. And to my surprise, I found a phone number circled in red. This is probably a bad idea to do this but I dialed the number in. I stepped out of the room. The phone rang once, twice, three times before the person picked up.

???"Hey, Tord. Why are you calling so late at night?" For some reason, hearing it to be a mans voice is reassuring.


???:"What in the-...who's this??"


???:"Oh, so you're the roommate from before? Ah...very well. My name is Paul. An old friend and his ex...business partner." Paul hesitated before saying 'business partner'. Is that true? "If you don't mind me asking, why are you calling?"

Tom:"I want to make sure he's safe...he's been acting off lately, and watching the It reboot probably didn't help. Haha." He waited a moment to respond.

Paul:"...Tell you what. If you can come over here, I'll give you something that will guarantee his safety." I'm not too sure if I can trust this guy, but this is probably the only way to continue to find answers.

Tom:"Fine. What's the address?" He tolled me the place over the phone and I wrote it down. It's an odd place for some 'business man' to be. Tomorrow morning, I'm supposed to meet the guy. Hopefully this turns out well...

It's the next day. My palms became clammy and I'm at high alert. For all I know, he could be planning to hurt me. There's no way I could trust him. It was just one phone call. Not to mention Tords nervousness from before. Letting out a shaky breath, a squat down to knock on the bunker door. 

My heartbeat increased the longer I wait for a response. Tension that emitted from the silence, I wanted to break so badly. Even though I put this all on myself. From the other side, I could hear the clanking of medal-probably locks. The hatch opened.  

A man with a red turtle neck, a lab coat, two pieces of hair that looked like chicken wings on his forehead, and a poker face.

???:"Whaat do you want?"

Tom:"Umm...is a guy named Paul...down there?" It took a minute for him to respond. Probably confused on how I knew the name. 

???:"Oh. You're that guy. Tords boyfriend, right? You never told him your name." Oh yeah, I...don't know why I told them that. Of course we aren't dating. Though, I wish we were..."My name is Patryck by the way."

Tom:"Tom." He stepped out of the bunker for a brief moment. 

Patryck:"Down there." I suppose he wants me to head down. The opening looked very intimidating. The black hole travels so far down, that you can't even see the ladder anymore. With a huge gulp, I climbed down, one at a time. I'm petrified that I might slip from my damp hands. Patryck followed, closing and locking the hatch. Erasing all light. Small LED lights immediately trailed down the sides of the ladder. My stomach dropped, and at the same time, the sight looked breath taking. Even though before, I was already short of breath. How long is this going to take?

Patryck:"Hold on."

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