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If you're thinking about doing one-shots, then can you do one where Perrie cheats on Zayn with Jade, and then Zayn finds out and tries to hurt Perrie, but Jade gets in the way and hurts Zayn. And then it ends with fluff? I know it sucks, but it's just an idea.

My love - Part 1

 It had been a long, hard day of work, getting up early for several radio interviews, two signings and photoshoot and that wasn’t even the end of it, they still had to go to the rehearsals for their dance routine for Move. Of course they loved it, but they were pretty tired, having slept only a few hours and barely stopped all day.

Perrie slightly turned around, swiftly glancing at the older geordie beside her, unconsciously smiling at the sight. The brunette was doing one of her crazy dances she liked to pull off from time to time, causing her three best friends to burst out laughing. Jade turned around and catched her eye, returning the smile, the dimple on her cheek showing, causing the blonde’s heart to flutter.

 Stop it Perrie, focus. She told herself. The thing was, she really liked Jade. Ever since she first laid eyes on her, it was like she was hypnotised. She was whipped around her pinky finger.

 -Can we please take a break?- Leigh-Anne asked the choreographer, who narrowed her eyes slightly to her.-pleeeeeease?- she whined.

-You’ve got 15 minutes.- the dancer said.

-Yay! I’m going to get something to eat, anyone want to come along?- Leigh-Anne asked.

-I do!- Jesy exclaimed, following her.

-I’m alright, thanks.- Jade said.

-Yeah, me too.- Perrie smiled at her friends.

 Once Jesy and Leigh were gone, Perrie took a seat beside the brunette, who was sat on the floor, her back resting against the wall.

-Hey Poopey.- Perrie smiled at the older Geordie beside her.

-Hey Pez.- Jade smiled back brightly, causing Perrie's heart to melt.

She’s so beautiful.

Perrie thought to herself, as she stared at the brunette beside her, scooting as close to her as she could. Jade rested her head on the blonde’s shoulder, closing her eyes for a few seconds before turning her head to face her friend.


-Yeah, Jadey?-

-Do you believe in real love?- Jade asked, staring at her best friend’s eyes intently.

Perrie looked at her, surprised at the question her friend was asking her. Should she tell her?

-Yes.- the younger Geordie stated firmly, not breaking eye contact.

-Have you ever been in love?- the petite girl asked.

-Yes.- Perrie answered, truthfully.

I’m in love with you Jade.

-Oh, Zayn must be really happy.- the brunette said, smiling at her friend, lowering her head while fidgeting her fingers. That smile didn’t reach her eyes though, Perrie thought, and there was something about her expression that made Perrie wonder what she was thinking of. It looked almost as if she was…sad? Perrie thought about it. It seemed like the best opportunity to tell Jade she had feelings for her, but the thought of losing her friend because of it was making her have second thoughts about it.

-Well, it’s not him really. I mean, yeah, he’s a really good looking lad and quite charming, but I don’t love him.- Perrie stated, her eyes focused on Jade, trying to read her expression. Jade looked up.

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