Note of the Week (Oct 20th)

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I have apparently been working too hard as my housemate has ordered that I take a shower and go with him to the Goth club. 

I've had to work hard because this story is very important to me. I've already took a six month break so I could work on Fake Tattoos, but now it's time to focus on Rick and Liz.

I'd very much like to meet my goal of getting this thing into at least the double digit ranks in paranormal. Any help or advice you might have would be greatly appreciated. Most of all though, I need to get more likes. I really hope your not getting to the end of the chapter and being just like "Ehhh.... that was okay, but not really worth the effort of clicking on that star button...."

If that is the case, please let me know why you feel that way.

Speaking of likes...

I wanted to give a shout-out to exlibrisregina (Regina Saint Claire) who's stories I have very much been enjoying. Her books Wispy Hollow and Unmasked are both great stories and are a whole lot of fun to read. So be sure to check her out.

Thanks for reading,


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