Poem #1

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"Everyone compliments your smile
Everyone loves your lies
No one knows what your hiding behind those eyes
Everyone knows where you got those bracelets
Everyone laughs about your thighs
No one knows about your cries
Everyone talks about how you kiss
Everyone cries about what they miss
No one knows what kissed your wrist
Everyone smells your flowers
Everyone dries their tears
No one knows about your fears
Everyone touches your skin
Everyone looks at your heart
No one listens to your sins
Everyone mentions your affairs
Everyone hugs their neighbors
No one bothers to unravel your layers
No one cares ."
Yes I know I know it sucks *visibly cringes* but just stay with me. They get better. I mean, the second or third might not be top notch but they do evolve towards the middle. Yea I know what your thinking "I have to read more cringy poems just to get to the good ones?" The answer is... yes. Sorry. I mean, if you liked this one, God bless your heart thankyou sooo much but if you didn't then please hang in their *inserts photo of a "hang in their" cat poster. Maybe it'll be better if you read them aloud or under your breath..?
Other than that.. I'll be back soon with more cringy poems for y'all *jazz hands*

This very human being who wrote this 🤗💜

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