|Patrick Stump| "It Will Take You Some Time To Love Me."

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The rain tapped on your frame as you walked along the cold concrete

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The rain tapped on your frame as you walked along the cold concrete. Your heels clicking hastily as salty tears fled quickly from your bloodshot eyes.

The moon gleamed down, illuminating your figure delicately. Your E/C eyes looked towards it, instantly brightening.

A sniff emerged from you as you squeezed through the busy street, people barging into you every now and then. You ducked into a dark alley and leant against the graffiti-covered wall. Your heart pounding loudly in your ears, a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach.

"He didn't deserve you Y/N..." A dark voice echoed.

Your head snapped towards the sound, fear instantly taking over the sick feeling in your stomach.

"Excuse me?"

"You're so polite Y/N, I said he didn't deserve you."

The lump in your throat grew as you watched an unknown man emerge from the shadows, a nearby lamppost flickering, only adding to the eeriness of the situation. You stepped back into the alley further.

"Don't be scared Y/N, I just want to treat you right... That's why I did this."

The mysterious man held up a bin bag, ushering you to take it. Your feet slowly made their way over. Your eyes fixating on the bin bag. Another glance was made towards the man as he nodded towards the black back harshly. Your shaky hands slowly made their way to the seal of the bag, opening it.

The sick feeling returned to your stomach as you gazed at the contents of the bag, blood smothered it along with what seemed to be some of the remains of your now ex-boyfriend.

"Oh my god." You stepped back in fear and felt a churn in your stomach as you looked away and vomited into a nearby garbage bin.

"I think someone's getting a little ill, let me take care of you."

You looked over a shook your head.

"Leave me alone, yo- you freak!"

"Don't call me that darling you remember my real name from when we first met."

"I don't know who the hell you are!"

He stepped closer, dropping the bag.

"Yes you do darling, I know you do."

He began to tell you the story.

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