How to Annoy: People in an Elevator (part 2) (28 ways)

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1. Give everyone "Hello, My Name Is ______!" stickers

2. Open a lemonade stand

3. Start a conversation about jellybeans with your best friend, Flying Mint Bunny (or any random imaginary friend or character from a TV show)

4. Eat a bag of potato chips or Doritos with your mouth open and crunching loudly

5. ((Two people)) one person goes on board and the other says behind looking around. As the doors close, the one inside the elevator yells "SENPAIIIIIIIII! (Or something to do with something random like unicorn or something)." The other will run to the elevator crying "Don't leave me my friennnnnnnnd!" Cry all the way up the elevator ride.

6. When the door closes, run into it and sob "LET ME GOOOOOOOO!!!!"

7. Start a Frozen singalong

8. Read children's books aloud

9. Make people pay for you to push the level button

10. Push all the buttons and claim of it's resemblance to a Christmas tree

11. Wipe your nose on someone else's sleeve

12. Break dance randomly

13. Paint you entire face green (or any other unnatural skin color). Claim about your gorgeous face and ask if they want to touch it

14. Dress up in cosplay than act you character (perverted is best) and flirt with people awkwardly

15. Claim the aliens are among us and point out someone random and say "LOOK! She's/he's one of themmmmmm!"

16. Blow your nose into a tissue and place it on somebody's head0

17. Wipe your nose on someone's shirt sleeve (huehue... Got that from a commercial)

18. When the doors are closing, run at them yelling "you'll never take me alive!" and ram into them

19. Poke people randomly

20. Stare at someone and try not to smile or laugh, just go pokerface on them

21. Look around with a grin and laugh darkly once in a while. Put a bit of dark eye shadow or dark foundation under you eyes, make your hair look crazy, and skin look all greasy to make you look like you haven't slept in days

22. Ask people if they've seen Sebastian (or something like that), your pet snake. Claim how he got out of his tank and is somewhere in the elevator with you all

23. Sniff someone and make a grossed out face

24. Make fake farting noises. Blame the person next to you

25. Let's start a water fight! (No explanations, just don't get caught)

26. Spray silly string everywhere inside the elevator

27. Start telling the story about the elevator that feel 50 levels because a cable snapped. Tell it while your elevator is moving and comment on how the elevator seems to sway a bit after you finished tell the story

28. If someone is on the phone or talking, act like your reading a newspaper and tell them to shush. If they don't, hit them with the newspaper

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