Sorry For Your Lost

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Cops!?!? Since when have you ever known me to trust cops with personal matters Ma. My lifestyle might have upgraded but my code hasn't. There will always be revenge for the ones I love

"David by all means get your revenge but do it without spilling blood"

There's no such thing. Not this time Ma

"So killing your child's mother is the way"

You not getting it Ma that's not her mother. I walked away and ran smack into BoBo about to turn the corner. I looked at him and he shook his head no

"Where could this bitch have gone that fast"

Millie POV

I don't think I needed to shoot her. Now it's all over the news that she was shot

" I hope you didn't just shoot her. She needs to be dead Millie"

She didn't need to die I could've worked it out with Dave maybe even have gotten joint custody now that chance is over I should've never listened to you. I should've stayed where I was! But you dragged me back here saying that Dave was letting another girl play mommy.

"You'll still have your daughter as soon as the courts find out a murder happened while she was in the house "

You really a low down bitch Simone. What do you get outta all this

"I get revenge....... and Dave"

Good luck with that. I walked out her house and ran into a hard chest that caused me to fall. I looked up at a confused face


C-chris? What are you doing here

"I came to Tell this bitch stop blowing up my phone and talking about me to the media. Why are you here"

Oh- um I was j-just visiting some people

"What?? I thought you hate Simone"

Why would you say that

"She is the reason you and Dave broke up correct"

Yeah and now I'm doing the bitch dirty work I thought to myself
That's not important it was nice seeing you tho I hurried from the house and drove off


I walked in Simone house and she was yelling at Someone on the phone until she noticed me then she quickly hung up


Why tf you bitches keep stuttering?


And What the fuck was Millie doing here?


Are you a fucking owl? Simone I know you stupid but you ain't stupid stupid. Why... was... Millie... here???

"She came to say hello"

So Zendaya is in the hospital, your on the phone talking about a murder. Yeah I heard you and Millie dropped by to say hello? Right that's not weird at all

What did you do? I walked towards her


You know I love you right you can trust with anything all you gotta do is tell me the truth and I'll be right by your side

"I-I Umm"

You what baby?? tell me

"I had Millie shoot Zendaya" she tried to hug me but I stepped away. I know you didn't just fall for that I laughed in her face. I been giving out fake I love yous since I was 10. And stop talking to the media about me.

You and Millie better go into hiding cause Dave and BoBo gonna be on your ass when I tell them

"Chris don't "

Don't my ass you ain't shit. Jealousy is a dangerous thing sweetheart. I walked to the door

Start counting your hours


I was just about to start raising hell again when I seen a doctor walk out and he didn't look like he had good news

"Family of Zendaya Coleman"

"That's us" my mother said

"I'm sorry to be the one to have to tell you guys the news" I felt my body going weak but I had to be strong

"To tell us what" her dad asked you could hear in his Voice that he was on the verge of tears

At this moment I was glad that Kairi was sleep cause I could tell this wasn't good news. I put my back against the wall to steady myself.

"The bullet that went into zendaya chest caused some serious damage it shattered upon entry and we were able to remove it but there was a lot of blood and the impact on her head from falling was also bad"

So what are you saying

"I'm saying she isn't Breathing on her own and she is currently brain dead. There's a 0-2% chance she recovers. In 72hrs if there I no brain response we have to pull the plug"

I punched the wall leaving a hole. There will be no plug pulling I won't allow that. You will keep her on the machine cause she will recover

"Sir there's honestly no chance of her recovering. I'm extremely sorry for your lost"

My lost?? Aren't you a doctor? I pretty sure your job is to cure and give hope that everything will be okay

"Sir I'm her father and we won't pull that plug"

"Im sorry but that decision isn't up too you"

Then who is it up too????

"I believe that would be me"

We all turned around to see Zendaya mom standing there with a devilish smirk and right behind her was that bitch nigga Dre

"Told you that you'd see us again" Dre said

She put a big smile on her face

"So when can I pull the plug on the little bitch"


Guys don't kill me 😩😩😩

I just couldn't give it too you all in one chapter  but I still love you guys!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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