Chapter Two

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I listened carefully to the words, Master said, Dang that was weird to say but that was the first rule. Always call him Master, Sir, Or daddy? It was kinda strange but I wasnt allowed to question him.

"Rule two, You will do what I say everyday and will not say no to anything I tell you to do. Rule Three, Do not try to escape me, I have four friends all over this house and Ive already told them that if they catch you trying to escape they can do what they please to you other than fucking you understand?" I nodded my head with me looking straight into his eyes. Master looked down at me once again with a smile on his face.

"I made a good choice choosing you slave, youre a very good slave and I think you and me will have no problems what so ever." I nodded my head with a blank face. What he didn't know was what I was thinking about, I know he said not to and yes it was very scary to think about what the others would do to me but if I do it at night It would be a lot easier right? Escaping felt like the only thing I could do. maybe some day

"Rule Four, you will not speak unless spoken to got that?"

"Yes Sir."

"Rule Five, You will stay naked unless we go out in public, I am not sharing your Body with anyone else." Yes incase any of you were wondering I was still naked but no I was not tied down anymore to that bed. He felt sorry for me so he unstrapped me awhile ago, I feel like he isn't mean or tough like he lets off to be but im not sure.

"What are you thinking about Slut?" I looked up at Master.

"Nothing Sir."

"Aw Rule Six, No lying to Master." Master grabbed onto my throat again pushing me up against the wall, he pushed up against me. I bit my lip hard leaning my head back a little looking into Daddys eyes.

"Tell me the truth slut."

"I was thinking about how I don't believe you are big and bad youre just a big baby and really sweet and being forced to do this but I don't know, just a theory." Master laughed as he loosed his grip on my neck.

"Good try but your oh so wrong, I love being dominate and I know you love being dominated don't you?"

"Yes Sir but by someone I actually love!" I raised my voice at Master.

"Love means nothing whore! Sex is Sex you have a pussy I have a cock I don't care if you love me or even like me. Either way I will still fuck that little pussy as hard as I want to, you belong to me and that wont change."

"Yes Daddy."

"Good Girl, Now are you hungry?" I nodded my head.

"Come on lets go get you some food." Master grabbed onto my hand pulling me fastly out of the room we were in and then into a dark hallway with a light at the end of it. Once when we got closer we heard music and moaning? We soon stepped into the light and what I saw, well lets just say I wish I never saw it.

A man with long black hair was holding onto a girls boobs from behind fucking her at the same time. The girl was completely naked, She was beautiful, she had Blonde hair and a skinny figure, I felt sorry for her. Her moans got louder and louder as the man fucked her pussy harder and harder.

Master looked down at me, He knew I was scared.

"Shh its okay, Youre going to be fine just don't look okay?" Master wrapped his arm around my shoulder hiding my view from the man and the women.

"Sir who is that?"

"Jake and Inna, Jake is one of the masters and Inna is the slave, he has had her for about a year and still hasn't gave her up. I think hes in love with her." I couldn't see then fucking anymore but hearing her moans still kinda frightened me but if im being completely honestly, it kinda made me wet as well but I wasn't going to tell Master that.

We arrived in the kitchen, Daddy looked through everything in the kitchen trying to find food for me, Finally he found something.

"Would you like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?" I nodded my head once again as Master started to make it.

"Youre sweet." I mumbled making master turn his head then back at the sandwich he was making.

"I have to be sometimes slave, I cant always be mean to you that just isn't me." I smiled but then remembered what he did to me. He trapped me here, took me away from my friends, from my family how could I trust him or even like him!

I watched Master put the bread together, he then walked over to me handing me the plate with a sandwich on it. I ate my sandwich quickly.

"Its time for you to meet all of the others, A little warning, don't show fear to them its like their animals they can smell it. Ill protect you if anything happens but lets hope nothing does. Follow me." Master started to walk away from me, I followed close behind. He walked into the living room where, four guys and four girls sat next to each other. The girls were all naked and the guys were just wearing pants no shirts other than one man.

Master sat down on the end of the couch, He patted his lap signing me to sit on it. I did as told and sat my naked butt on Masters lap where I felt his cock getting hard. I felt disgusted when I felt that but I knew I couldn't say anything nor do anything.

"Its time to meet each other Mhh? Slaves go into the other room and meet me and the boys need to talk, we will be in there in a couple minutes." All the naked girls except me got up, I looked back at Master making sure it was okay to go.

"Yes Baby girl you may go." I got up quickly heading towards the room that the other girls went. We shut the doors behind up when we were all in.

We all said quiet, not a single one spoke until Inna asked what our names were and who we belonged to.

"Im Alice, I belong to Jinxx." And older women said.

"Im Inna I belong to Jake." She said

"Im Juliet I belong to Ashley." A beautiful women said.

"Im Anna I belong to CC."

Everyone looked at me once they all said theirs.

"I-Im Jannebella I don't belong to Anyone." Everyone laughed at me.

"We wont tell Andy you said that but you might want to think a little harder about what you say." Juliet said to me.

The door opened making all of us look towards it.

"Out sluts."  We all stepped out of the dark room and back into the living room.

"Now its time for all of you to meet us."

"Im Ashley

"Im Andy

"Im jinxx

"Im CC

"Im Jake

I looked at all of their faces trying to remember their names as well, I was very good at that so I wasn't scared about that. I looked towards Master, He pointed his finger down at the ground with an eyebrow raised. I walked over to him getting on my knees looking up at him thinking that's what he meant.

"Good girl, Now I know your going to hate this but this is what we do to all of the slaves on the first day their here." I tilted my head out of confusion.

"Me And Ashley are going to both fuck you later tonight, we will also give Juliet the choice to join since that is her master but if she doesn't want to its all about you baby." My stomach hurt after he told me this, I was so terrified.

"It will be at 9:45 tonight, And its only 6:21 You have a lot of time to prep you better be ready by 9:45"


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