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Y/n's POV
"Where do you all meet up?" I ask the boys because we're hanging out later today.

"At Bill's house." Eddie replied.

"Alright, bye guys." I wave then went to Bill and gave him a hug, and hugged me back.

"Bye Y-Y-Y-Y/n, see you later." He said after the hug, I looked at him and saw his face, he was blushing, awww.

"Why don't we get a hug?" Eddie whines, I roll my eyes playfully and give all the guys a hug.

After I start making my way home, passing by the storm drain I once saw Pennywise in. A cold chill ran through my back and I walked faster trying to get home.

"Hi baby." I coo at my precious dog following behind me. I make myself a sandwich because I haven't eaten in a long time and I love food.

Who doesn't, you literally need food to survive. I go upstairs to my room with my snacks and get my laptop to watch some Netflix.

I was done with my snacks and halfway through my show, I look at the time on my phone and realize me and the guys don't hang out till another hour or two.

Well it's going to be in an hour or two till I meet up with them so why not just take a little nap.

I close the laptop and cuddle with Scooby who joined me a while ago. I close my eyes and darkness soon fell over me.


I wake up and I'm in like this weird room, wait... it's a circus.

What the hell am I doing at the circus. I'm in the middle off the room and then circus music start playing out of nowhere.

I look down at myself and see myself in different clothing then what I went to sleep with. 

I was wearing a lingerie and cat ears, a chocker with a small bell on it. Then I hear a mans voice say,

"Ladies and gentlemen please welcome, Pennnnnyywise the dancing lion and his little kitten." The music started to get a bit louder and a wall opened,

huh, excuse me, that did not just happen. Wait- Pennywise the dancing lion, wasn't it Pennywise the dancing clown?

Who the hell brought lions into this.

The wall stayed open but I couldn't see anything inside it was so dark. Then I hear a very loud roar, oh shit they wasn't kidding when they said lion.

Through the wall in walked a big lion, ohhh hellll nahhh,

It looked like Pennywise, whyyyy, so many questions.

It had the make up, Instead of it being a yellow lion it was white, ok where the fuck am I.

He still had his orange mane but was more like Pennywise's hair. It had the red line makeup going from the end of his smile up to his forehead and the same orange glowing eyes.

The lion kept walking to me and me being the pussy I am didn't move, no pun intended.

"Hiya kitten." Pennywise said now standing a feet away from me. He sounded the same, like Pennywise, his baby yet hard and raspy voice.

I opened my mouth to speak yet nothing came out.

"Speechless little kitten." He looked down at me.

"I told you you'd be seeing more of me, look at you, sexy little kitten trying to tease daddy penny." He mocked.

Daddy penny????

How many times do I have to say it?


"You know you'll get punished if you try to tease." He continued. Then I heard the sound of bells jingle, huh.


I shot up from bed breathing heavily, what the fuck was that.

I look around seeing I was in my room, I look at the time on my phone, shoot I'm late.

I rush to put comfortable clothing then rush downstairs fed my dog, get my bicycle from the garage and leave to meet the boys at Bills house.

A few minutes later I reach Bill's house.

"There she is." Eddie said happily. I got off the bike and walked towards the guys,

"Sorry I'm late, I fell asleep." I apologize.

"It's ok." Bill said smiling at me, I smile back.

We played for a while, rode our bikes around town while taking about random thing, Richie and Eddie making me laugh most of the time because of their arguments and cussing at each other.

When we pasted the woods with our bikes I saw a red floating balloon, I ignored it and looked forward trying not to fall off my bike and brake my neck.

I didn't want to tell the boys about the dream I had or the time I met Pennywise because they might think I'm crazy and not want to hang out with me.

They're my only friends here.

There're all boys I hang out with but it's not awkward or weird, it's fun.

Maybe even better.

We hanged out a little longer and the sun was going down so we all went home.

When I got home my dad was there but I went straight to bed I was too tired.


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