= Chapter 50 =

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" I've actually met an angel in person."

-Jeremy Lockhart

Peeling his hands off my eyes, I scanned my surroundings. It looked exactly like it was the last time we came here — wavy grass swaying with the breeze, the moon shining with the constellation of stars spread across the entire dark sky.

"Isn't this the place we..."

"Had our first kiss." He completed my sentence.

A small part of me hated how it always seemed like he was putting in more effort to mend this relationship than I was. I liked him but with the way I was acting, people would assume it's a one sided relationship.

Maybe it is because I'm never the best at expressing my emotions, I couldn't even remember the last time I cried hard.

Patting the grass patch beside him, I sat down in anticipation.

"I've realized something..." he looked at me with a weak smile.

"Is this your way of taking me on a date?" I gave him a cheeky smile.

"Well, that depends on how you look at it. I realized that I've been unfair over the past week or so. "

I frowned with my lips pouted, "How?"

"Skylar, I'm not gonna even lie, I like you and I just want to uncover you like one of my books but I know that I can't force you into doing something like that so...I propose an idea."

"I'm listening, go on"

"I've been thinking...maybe by getting to know each other better, we would be able to trust and be more comfortable each other." He sounded genuinely interested and cheerful.

I strum his guitar softly, calming my nerves almost immediately.

"...I agree." My words even shocked myself.

"You do?!"

"Don't let me change my mind, so how does this work?" I knew I sounded utterly bored, but I actually never liked the idea of someone unwrapping me layer by layer.

Choking slightly, he beamed in accomplishment.

"Ask me anything you desire, m'lady!" He leaned forward, his breath fanned against my cold lips, "I'm an open book."

The wind caused his blonde fringe to brush across my forehead, his blue eyes swirling with challenge. He looked like an angel, but had eyes of a devil–fearless and mysterious. He wasn't joking, he actually grew his family jewels to tell me any of his secrets.

I had to pinch myself, just to make sure I wasn't dreaming. However, I didn't want to rush into it.

"Fine...why do you love looking at the stars?" I shrugged, watching his face fall before recovering quickly.

"When I was small, I hated being alone in the dark. So before I went to bed, my mother always left the windows open, saying 'I'll never leave you munchkin, you can always find me in the stars.' When my mum and sister passed away, I'll look up every night and find the two brightest stars – they are those two stars, watching over me." His spoke with so much passion that it took my breath away.

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