Wah gwaan

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Wah gwaan.

Hi Terrell. How you doing?

Good, good. Can't wait for November.


Yeah. Can't wait to wear my woman down.

You do know its going to be tough? She's not going to make it easy for you?

Don't worry about me. I have a plan.

Wow. You sound very confident. Can you tell me your plan?

You gave me the hint actually last week.

I did?

Yeh mon. All I have to do is give her what she want. And give it so good she don't want to leave.


Chuckling, Hey you asked.

So you're not concerned about the 1,000% devotion she's demanding at all?


Nope? You really don't think it'll be hard to win her over?

No mon. When you meet the one you know it. And once you know it, you do what it takes to make her yours.

What if she doesn't want to be yours?

Oh she does. She can deny all she wants. Deep down she knows it too. Besides she's worth whatever trouble she'll give me.

Fanning myself. Whew. Don't know if I should feel sorry for Kim or envious. Well thanks for stopping by today Terrell.

Thanks for having me. One more thing, I know Kim said she wanted a HFN but you can ignore all that. My girl deserves a HEA. With me. Even got our wedding song picked out. Check it out.

Have any questions you wish to ask Terrell?

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