Reaching Your True-Potential- Kai & Nya

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"Y/N!! PLEASE TURN THE LIGHT BACK ON!" Kai and Hyde pleaded.

"Nope!" You giggled, "Oh come sis, they've been wandering in there long enough." Nya chuckled.

"Awww, okay." You snapped your fingers and light filled the monastery.

"Thank goodness." Kai said walking to you.

Hyde came out. "Remind me to get you back soon."

"Haha! Good luck!" You smiled.

"So we're all going to go to Mega Monster Amusment park, go get ready Y/N." Cole said while the others headed to the car.

You giggled lightly and ran inside. Just as you went inside, an arrow was shot into the wall next to you.

You stopped and looked around, "Look who it is." A ghostly voice said.

"Kai! Nya! Help!" You shouted.

"Oh it's too late for that, they can't hear you." The soul archer laughed evily.

You looked at him as came over to you.

"Poor, weak, little, girl." He grinned.

You shot him a look as your eyes turned a bright orange.

"I am not weak!" You screamed as a whip of light came to your hand

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"I am not weak!" You screamed as a whip of light came to your hand.

He stood his ground, "fisty thing."

You growled and grabbed a hold of him with the whip.

"Get out. And never come back!" You yelled in his face, before throwing him out the window.

Kai and Nya looked at him, "That's my girl!" Kai laughed as the soul archer ran off.

You can out and leaned on him and yawned. "That was exhausting." You mumbled you eyes turning back.

"You did great sis." Nya smiled, "I think you hold the record for the fastest person to reach their True-Potential."

You just nod and close your eyes. Kai chuckled, "can you drive Hyde?"

"Sure thing!" Kai picks you up bridal style and takes you to the car.

"Sleep sis, well wake you when we get there." He said.

But you were already fast asleep.

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