Reaching Your True-Potential- Zane

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"Zane! Come on!" You whined.

"You need to train." He said.

"Yes, but that's all I've been doing." You said sitting on the grass.

He sighs and sits next to you, "I just want you to be ready."

You nod, "I know." He got up. "We can stop for the day." And went inside.

You smiled gently, and looked at your phone.

That's when the ground rumbled, "Cole quit messing around!" You shouted annoyed.

"I'm not doing anything!" He yelled back from inside.

You looked up and saw a figure burst from the ground. "Argggg!!" It yelled, a stone soldier.

You shot up and went to tell for Zane but you were knocked down.

"Get off me!" You yelled at him.

He chuckled and grabbed your wrists.

You gasped in pain as your wrist made a sickly crack.

You screamed and you got angry, you eye changed in a flash and glared at him.

You screamed and you got angry, you eye changed in a flash and glared at him

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He tilted his head, just as you pushed him off.

A vine wrapped around your wrist, as the head grew around him.

Zane and the others heard the commotion and ran out.

They all stood and watched, seeing you had it handled.

The stone soldier was engulfed in vines and crushed.

After your eyes changed, you held your wrist.

Zane ran to your side, "You were amazing Y/N." He smiled taking a look at your wrist.

"I'm lucky to have such a great brother."

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