Reaching Your True-Potential- Jay

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"Wanna play fist to face?" Jay and Lloyd asked.

"No, guys I don't want to mess up another game console." You said.

"Oh come on, it wasn't that bad." Jay said.


"Dang it!" You yelled as Kai beat you again.

"Aw is my little sis a sore loser?" Jay teased.

You slammed the controller down causing the whole thing to fry.

#End of Flashback#

"Right........" Jay said nodding slowly.

"So no on that then." Lloyd said.

"Nope." You said popping the p.

Jay birthday was coming up, and you wanted to make something special for him.

But, you were afraid to ruin it. "This sucks." You said sitting at your desk, starring at the random parts scattered across the surface.

You slammed your fist on the desk, just as footsteps could be heard outside your door.

"I'm not in the mood Jay!" You said frustrated.

No answer came, "Jay? What are you doing?" You asked getting up.

Still no answer, you slowly opened your door.

No one was there, at least that's what you thought. Out of nowhere someone or something grabbed your neck and slammed you against the wall.

You gripped at what held you, gasping for air.

Then it became visible, Pythor.

"Well dear me what have we hear?" He chuckled.

"Y/N? sis I just..." He stopped when he saw him.

"Put her down!" He yelled.

"Alright." He dropped you.

You took gasping breaths and looked up, "I guess I'll deal with you then." Pythor said attacking Jay.

Jay was throw into the wall, you stood up and yelled at him. "Stop!!"

Python pushed you back into your desk. Your hands landed on the spair parts.

As he slithered over to Jay, your hand shot out to him, "No!"

Something clicked in you, your eyes changed.

The parts gathered in you hand forming a small sword

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The parts gathered in you hand forming a small sword.

Python looked at you and yelped, "No one hurts my brother!" You yelled.

In a panic he slither out as fast as he could.

Jay got up and went to you, "Sis, you did it. You unlocked your true- potential." He smiled.

You hugged him as your eyes went back to normal. "I love you Jay."

"Love you too sis."

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