Part 133*

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The wedding was going on in full swing. Shravan and Sumo had met both Mr. Bael and Tanya and were now on the hunt for Rahul. 

After Tanya had left, a couple other people who went to their school came up to Sumo saying that Rahul dumped her because she was stupid. And this had Sumo in a big angry mess but she was not alone. Shravan was streaming with anger at the man who dared to lie about his precious wife. And on top of that, Sumo was fueling his anger by going on and on about Rahul's cheap acts of the past. 

After looking through the crowd of people, Sumo's eyes finally laid on the one and only, Rahul. She sent evil glares at him as she watched him flirt with all of the other girls at the party. 

Sumo: (glaring) Look at that loser! He thinks he's so cool flirting with all of those girls! I'll show him what Sumo is! 

Shravan: That jerk! And why are you sounding like you're jealous Sumo?! 

Sumo: Jealous and me?! And that too of a loser like Rahul! Please Shravan, me and Rahul never had anything and never will! I went to prom with him cause he was the cool kid. I never felt for him and never will! He means nothing to me!

Shravan: (smiling) I know that Baby! I'm just teasing you! Now let's go and beat the crap out of him!

Sumo: (stopping him) Wait, wait wait! Shravan we can't just go and beat him! We have to lure him into our tricks first! We need a protocol!!

Shravan: Sumo, this is a friendly confrontation not a James Bond movie! 

Sumo: Shravan, what are you going to do, go up there and beat him?! That idiot thinks he's smart, but I'm gunna show him that I'm even smart and better and that I don't need or want a bloody creep like him in my life!!

Shravan: Ok Sumo, but what are you going to do!? 

Sumo: Remember Tanya? She didn't know that we were married! That means that most of the people here don't know that cause we never got married in Delhi! And plus with all of the stuff that happened at the reunion party, nobody in their wildest dreams will think that me and you are together! 

Shravan: Ok, but I'm still confused. 

Sumo: Just wait and watch Mr. Malhotra! I'm gunna go by him and talk him up! You come at the perfect time like you always do, ok my Hritkik Roshan?? 

Shravan: (pinching her cheeks) Ok, my Jaan. 

Sumo gave Shravan a quick kiss on the cheeks before she fixed up her hair and walked towards Rahul. He was just about done, talking with a girl and leaving for the bar when Sumo walked right in front of him and smiled. Rahul didn't recognize Sumo at first, but after looking at her for a couple of seconds, it clicked in his head.

Rahul: (surprised) Sumo?? What are you doing here??

Sumo: (innocently smiling) Why Rahul? Do I have to get your permission for going to weddings now??

Rahul: (laughing) No, no. I was just surprised seeing you after a long time. So what's been up??

Sumo: Oh, nothing much. Well what about you?? I haven't seen you ever since we graduated.

Rahul: (smirking) Well I got a scholarship to go to America to study so I've been in America all this time. I just got back 2 weeks ago.

Sumo: Oh so you didn't come back to India at all after you left??

Rahul: No Sumo. I didn't have any time you see. Why, did you miss me? (smirking) 

Sumo: Didn't have time huh?? But to me, it looks like you had just enough time to tell everyone that you dumped me!!!

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