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Zayn's point of view

I watched as Cookie walked back and forth from the door of her dormitory to her working table. She just found out that she lost her assignment. Yes, the one she spent the whole night on. It was already six in the afternoon and it's just now she noticed.

"Don't you remember anything from last night?" I asked, trying to help her. It doesn't make sense but she looks so adorable when she's stressed out. But I prefer when she smiles her dazzling smile.  I don't know if I like her or not. I'm not really the muslim-type but I do believe in Allah. I just don't abide by His rules because I break all rules.

"I'm screeewed!" She whines, falling on the ground dramatically. Seriously, this girl is something else. You'd think she was all mature, shy and quiet but once you get to know her, she's not quite the same; she's full of surprises.

I get down to her and lift her face with my finger. "Could it have been stolen?" I ask and her eyes widen in realisation and she gasps,"OF COURSE! That Rocco-boy must have stolen it!"

Rocco? Did I hear her right?

"Do you mean Rocco Hunt?" I asked, guessing the answer and she nodded,"Do you know him?"

"Yeah Cookie, and he's not really a lamb," I said, pursing my lips.

"Can't I ask him to give it back to me?" She asked and I nodded slowly,"You could try..."

We went to his dorm room but it was locked, which meant he was out. I'm quite proud with the pretext I invented with that horse to be close to her. She wasn't like the other ones whom you could judge by just one look, and even when you talk to them,  they're exactly what I thought they were like. She's the first one I've been wrong to  judge.

"Are you guys looking for Rocco?" asked Tony, his dorm neighbor.

"Yes," Nawsheen answered.

"He's gone out to his dad's club, and he won't be back until eight" Tony informed us.

"Did he go with anything?" She asked hopefully, with her huge greyish eyes.

"His usual bag, I guess," He tells us helpfully and we thank him before he heads away.

"He brought my papers with him. How can I be sure though?" Nawsheen groaned madly, spinning on herself,"I have to get them  back. I've worked too hard for it," she said determinedly.

"I'm coming with you but... are you sure?" I asked her. I know this club and it's not the ideal place for a pious muslim girl like her...

"Yeah, why?"

"Nothing. Go and get ready, I'll pick you up in thirty minutes. I'll get our permission Cards," I stated and as just to annoy, I placed a kiss on her forehead. I know she likes it as she is always blushing and froze each time. That's nice, the effect I have on her. I change into a black shirt and grey faded jeans.

I take the cards from Travis who eyes me suspiciously when I sign for myself and my Nawsheen. I'm sure he's stalking me and he doesn't get it that I'm with heeeer. Ha, well neither can I believe it. It's a new challenge though.

As the door was open, I enter  Cookie's room to find her in a peach pleated skirt and a matching satin scarf with a cream-coloured blouse and a thin golden belt.

"Well, damn," I swore as I stared at her utterly speechless. She isn't even showing any part of her but I don't get it... I always found --or thought, that for a girl to be attractive, she must show most of her body parts. But here she is, proving me wrong yet again.

"Uhuh... We should get going, right?" She asked and I nodded, amused that she's already blushing. If only she knew how much she'd me blushing in the next hours. I know she'll be traumatized. I want to see her reaction; it's always different from what I think it will be. She's not easily deciphered.

I drove her there while she panicked and started imagining all kinds of situations like her being hanged on the chandelier or the light bulb or the disco ball.

"I'm here Cookie, I won't ever let anyone hurt you," I stated. I guess it's true, I wouldn't let anyone I care for get hurt. And yes, she's part of them now.

"Mhm," She said, a smile playing on her lips but then she frowned. I couldn't know why. Once we arrived there 'we' started 'freaking out' --her words, not mine.

"Oooooh I'm freaking out! What should I do? Oh-" I cut her cute speech off.

"I'm here, it's okay. Just... Be prepared," I couldn't help the smirk escaping. How is she going to react on seeing all those naked (literally) people inside? Oh my... I can't even imagine, haha!

She took a deep breath, and I pushed the door open. Here goes...


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