(Love Live!) Umi Sonoda x Shy! Bullied! Reader

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*Umi's P.O.V.*

          "Did you guys hear there is a new student coming today?," Honoka's voice broke through the silence. It was just Kotori, Honoka, and I in the club room at them moment, since we were waiting for the others.

          "I did," Kotori answered,"My mom told me about her and that since she is in our class we would be the ones to show her around until she gets the hang of it". Honoka and I simply nod.

          Well that is until I realized what she had said,"Wait Kotori! When did you plan on telling us this?" It came out a little louder than what I wanted, but seriously how could she not tell us sooner?

          She let out a small noise of distress,"I-I forgot?" It was more of a question than an answer, but it would have to do. I took a deep breath to calm myself down then sat back down.

          Honoka jumped out of her seat explaining,"What's her name, Kotori????"

          She is way to excited about this, still Kotori chirped up and answered,"It's (Y/n) (L/n). My mom said she didn't like talking very much and we also shouldn't be rude or act rude either," she turned to face Honoka,"Ok Honoka?"

          She was about to complain, but the door opened rebaking the rest of muse and so we did a few stretches and practiced a little until the warning bell rang and we hurried to change and get to class. Though, the only thing on my mind was the new girl.. what was she going to be like?

*Time skip to start of class*

          When we finally got to class the teacher wasn't there, yet, so Honoka and Kotori started to talk, but I stayed quiet. Not long after, the teacher walked in saying good morning and everyone else did the same. 

          Once we were finished the teacher spoke up,"Well everyone, I'm happy to say that we have a new student joining us today. Please come in and write your name on the board for everyone," she said towards the door. When the girl walked it no one could see her face, but she had (h/l) (h/c) hair. She wrote her name on the board and it read (Y/n) (L/n). 

          'Hm.. that's a pretty name', I thought to myself. When she finally turned around her (e/c) eyes immediately met my brown eyes. The look only lasted a moment, but it felt like an eternity. She bowed to the class, but said nothing, even though everyone started to whisper to each other. The two girls in front  of me started snickering to each other.

          I decided to listen in on what they were saying,"Look.. fresh meat. This is looking to be a good year, wouldn't you agree?" The other girl nodded with a smirk. Whatever they were planning isn't good.. I should tell Eli to keep an eye on them while they are around (Y/n). The teacher told (Y/n) to sit behind me and the rest of class went smoothly, but sadly.. lunch had to come.

          Honoka, Kotori and I went to eat lunch on the roof with the rest of the members of muse. It wasn't long after when we heard laughing and what sounded almost like a dog whimpering. Nozomi, Eli and I were the first to hear the noises and look over the fence to find where the noises were coming from. Right below where we were standing was a group of girls surrounding..(y/n). Without warning I ran downstairs and towards the girls.

          When I got there the girls surrounding (Y/n) were snickering,"Man, what a loser you are. Can't even stand up for yourself. Pathetic". Then, without warning, she kneed (Y/n) I'm the stomach causing her to fall. I was about to step in when Eli grabbed my shoulder, put her finger to her mouth telling me to be quiet, and walked towards the girls. I recognized two of them as the girls that sit infront of me. 

          There were clearly shocked to see Eli there, but tried to play it off,"Hey student council president.. we were just playing so games, isn't the right girls?" The others stepped infront of (Y/n) blocking her from mine and Eli's view before shaking their heads in agreement.

          That was until Eli spoke up, her voice cold as ice,"Don't even try covering up what you did. I saw it all from the roof," Eli paused as the girls looked up groaning to themselves,"You four are coming with us". They were very confused when she said 'us', as was I, but right away Nozomi, Kotori, Rin, Hanayo, Nico, Honoka, and Maki stepped into view, so I got up and walked over to them as well.

          The four girls groaned once more, but complied and we started walking off until Eli grabbed my shoulder again,"Stay her with her and take her to the nurse," she gave a knowing smile, even though I didn't know what she knew, pointed to (Y/n) and walked off with the others. I went to (Y/n)'s side kneeling down next to her. She wasn't as scared of me as the other girls, but she was still shaking.

          I did my best to clam her down,"Hey, it's ok, I'm not going to hurt you. My name is Umi Sonoda. You sit behind me in class". It took her a minute, but she finally nodded realizing I wasn't going to hurt her,"Here, let's go to the nurse to she can help". Thankfully she nodded. She tried to stand on her own, but only fell back down,"Here let me help you," I spoke up again.

           She smiled slightly and nodded leaning onto to me as I helped her up, leading her to the nurse. She was very quiet, but I'm not sure why. Slowly, we got to the nurse's office, by she wasn't there so I set (Y/n) on the bed, then ran to get an ice pack and ran back to her placing it on her stomach. She let out a small yelp at how cold the ice pack was, but relaxed once she got used to it. 

          "Thank you," I was shocked to finally here her speak. I smiled and nodded towards her. She blushed slightly before leaning forward and placed a small kiss on my lips. I couldn't help, but blush madly. Once I realized what had happened I couldn't help, but smile and I slowly leaned down to her and and kissed her back. This is going to be a good year. 

Alright, so that moved slow at first then fast, but I liked how I did it, sorry not sorry. Anyways, I have one final request to do. That is going to be Umi x Reader x Nozomi. Because this ended so fast you have 3 options. 

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