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After all introductions are over, to the available cast members, the trio also follow through with their promise to the female crew member that helped them earlier; they learn that her name is Willow and that this is her first time working behind the scenes of the show, only having recently graduated from college. They all wish her luck before going their separate ways. Blair and Brad tell him that they are going sightseeing, though Kylan suspects that they are probably going to be having an important conversation or something and don't want him to know because he saw Blair's planner the other day and sightseeing tours are mentioned for next week – if they stay. Kylan makes his way to where filming is taking place, getting directions from another crew member, and watches as a few takes are filmed. After the director announces "cut", deciding to take a breather to go over the footage so far, Kylan smiles as he notices Matthew looking around as Dom and the girls tease him.

"Now, now, that's not very nice." He states, coming into view and sidling up between Em and Kat, wrapping his arms around each of them.

The girls laugh, leaning up to kiss his cheeks before he waves to the other two male cast members that he hasn't officially met from the group chat. "Hi, Magnus. Hello, Alpha Garroway." The pair wave back just as cheerfully before Matt once again hugs him. "And, of course, hello again, Matty."

"Hey, Ky," The dark-haired male mumbles against his shoulder.

"Tired?" Kylan inquires, running his fingers through the short hairs at the nape of Matt's neck, not wanting to mess up his hair too much because of filming. Matt nods against his shoulder, humming in answer and this prompts Kylan to chuckle. "You're nearly done until later so you can nap in your trailer until then - once you finish this scene, of course."

He's glad that Matt doesn't question how he knows his filming schedule as the older male nods and straightens up, letting Kylan go from the hug, which is convenient when the younger male feels his phone vibrate in his pocket. Kylan looks down as he pulls the device out of his pocket, seeing a message from Blair containing a picture that seems to have been taken earlier when they first surprised Matt. He saves the image onto his phone, making a mental note to talk to Matt after about whether he is okay with it being posted – after all, Kylan can just leave him untagged since you can't actually see Matt's face, only Kylan's.

Kylan moves behind the camera's again when the director starts coming back over, already giving out instructions to the crew about lighting and camera angles for the scene which is set directly after the last one they were shooting; this one seems to involve fewer actors as Harry and Em come over to keep him company while they are not required. Apparently, from what Harry told him when he asked, the transitions will be shot at another time so it shows where the characters disappeared to in between major scenes or moments. It is pretty similar to what goes on during the filming of Teen Wolf so he isn't too confused by the process.


Kylan hums a song under his breath as he scrolls through his notifications, waiting for Matthew to finish changing in the bathroom so that he can use it. He pauses when he sees the earlier notification from Blair sending him the photo.

"Hey, Matty," He calls, waiting for Matt to reply before continuing, "Blair sent me a picture she took earlier of us hugging when I surprised you. I'm thinking about posting it. I can leave you untagged if you don't want to make a big thing about it on your social media's since your fans would probably go nuts."

"Can I see it?" Matt asks as he comes into view, finally changed, and sits down next to the younger male.

"Yeah, send it to yourself if you want. I'll be back in a second." Kylan shrugs, handing over his phone to Matthew before heading off to do his business, trusting Matt not to break it or anything.

When he gets back, he sees his phone is now on the side table while Matthew scrolls through Twitter on his own phone. "What's the verdict?"

"I sent it to my phone, see," Matt pauses, showing Kylan his background picture which is now that exact image. "I guess I have to be more careful where I leave my phone lying around or when I meet fans. Anyway, you can't really see me and I don't want the fans to go mad and make a big deal because we're just friends right now and getting to know each other. I don't want their opinions to sway anything between us."

Kylan nods, picking up his phone and curling up next to the dark-haired male. "Understandable. I'm still going to post it but not tag you right now because it is a good picture and does deserve to be shared."

Matt smiles, repositioning himself on the sofa so that he can lean his head on the other boy's shoulder, and look at the photo still displayed on Kylan's phone. "It is, isn't it?"

Kylan laughs, briefly leaning his head down a little to rest his cheek against Matt's hair before straightening again and setting about posting the image, safe in the knowledge that Matt is okay with him doing so.


@KylanMonson: This was one long overdue hug

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@KylanMonson: This was one long overdue hug. I'd say he was happy to see me, wouldn't you?

(📷: @BlairLMonson)
@username: OMG this is so adorable
@username2: 😍😍
@username3: Blair is an amazing photographer, I maintain that opinion
@KylanMonson: she is, isn't she? @BlairLMonson @username3
@username4: how long overdue?
@username5: definitely happy to see you Ky
@username6: is this #Kyley ??
@username7: I don't think so @username6 because Brad is travelling with him, so why would it be a long overdue hug? They're always together.
@username8: good theory but flawed @username6
@BlairLMonson: them pic creds are appreciated

@username9: I love the Monson siblings, they're so extra
@domsherwood: hugs 😁
@dylansprayberry: where was my hug when you were here?
@ianbohen: neither you or Brad came to see me. I am offended.
@KylanMonson: umm... @dylansprayberry and get on a plane and bring @jrbourne with you, and we can all hang out together @ianbohen
@jrbourne: I'm down
@ianbohen: fine, only if you bring the guy from the picture^^
@KylanMonson: *sigh* fine @ianbohen @jrbourne @BradTHall I guess we're going out
@username10: #boysnight is a go 😂
@KylanMonson: it most certainly is @username10

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