Rebel Love Story

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I woke up in the morning with light shinning through my window. When I looked out there was a car in the driveway. My dads girl friend was here. I slowly walked done the stairs and saw them sitting at the kitchen table. When I heard my name I said hey. They looked at me and I asked what the were talking about.

"Nothing," Dad said.

"Then why did I hear my name?"

"We were just talking," Dad's girl friend said.

Her name is Becca.

"Well what were you just talking about?"

"We were talking about maybe moving in together," Dad said.

"Whatever," I said running up the stairs barging into my room. I pulled out my blade that I had hidden in a shoe box in my closet. I made a small slit on my side. I put the blade back and went on my computer. I turn on Fallen Angel by Black Veil Brides (listening to that now).

Before I get into my story I want to tell you a little about myself. Well I'm 18 years old and if you haven't noticed I still live with my dad. He and my mom devorced when I was only 10 and I haven't heard or seen her ever since that day. By the way my name is Andi (with an i not an ie or a y im not a dude). I have dark brown hair with about 4 streaks in it.I had 2 purple,1blue, and 1 pink streak. My hair was about sholder length because i couldn't grow it any longer. I am 5' 7", the tallest in my family. I heard my mom was tall but my dad is quit short. If you can't tell I'm goth. Also the only reason I live is because Black Veil Brides is still sing and writting great songs. But most of all I love Andy Biersack.

Chapter 2

Well let me get back to my story. I put away my blade and texted my friend, Rose. She quickly answered and asked me if I wanted to go to the mall. I texted her back and said yes and thought to myself that she would be here in about 10 minutes. I was right. I looked out my window and saw her baby blue ford pick-up, I ran down the stairs seeing my father on the way out but didn't say a word to him. I climbed in and we headed to the local mall. Of course the first thing I did was went to Hot Topic. Can you guess what I bought? I bet you can, but I'll tell you anyway I bought........a Black Veil Bride T-shirt and back sack. I can't wait till they come out with their new album. We left Hot Topic and went to Forever 21 so I could get some clothes. I bought 2 pairs of pants and a hoodie. Black and grey skinny jeans and the hoodie was blue. We went to the food coart were we talked about my moring and Rose's up and coming new single called "Alone". After that she took me home to find Becca's car was still there.

I walk in, set my stuff on the table as my dad stares right at me with his where were you look. I turn around and say "I went to the mall with Rose and I forgot to tell you"

"Ok" He says.

I grab my stuff and run upstairs as Becca enters the room. She tryes to call after me but I just ignore her and run into my room and blast my music. I open my journal as I hear a knock on the door. I just ignore it and act like I didn't hear anything until I hear it again. I get up and open the door. "What!?" I ask slash demand as my dad stares at me. Open the door wider and gester for him to come in and "talk". He sits on my bed next to my open journal. As soon as he reaches for it I grab it and slam it shut. "So what did you come up here to talk to me about?" I ask as I place my journal on my desk.

"I came up here to talk to you about Becca."

"Yeah, what about her?"

"Well it's kind of obvease that you don't like her."

"Yeah what gave you that idea?" I ask rolling my eyes.

"I just want you to know that I love her and that she is going to live here. Ok?"

"Ok, I don't even know her and all of a suden shes coming into my home and taking over my space and you expect me to just be perfectly fine with it! No! I'm not "Ok" with it, This is like letting a hobo live with us, cause thats what it feels like, Just letting a complete starnger live with us, that you say you "Love". HA, I don't believe that at all! The only reason your doing all of this is to make up for the fact that your marriage with mom Failed! But this is even worse cause I don't even know this person, atleast I knew mom."

"First of all it our home, second of all you do know her and finally I do love her and expect you to be ok with all of this."

"Well I'm not and No! I Do Not know her I don't even know her last name let alone her favorite color. I she can't even say one thing that she knows about me other than my last name!" I say crossing my arms,

"I think she can."

"Yeah, you think she can I wonder if she can, NO, because she is not my mom and she will never be my mom. No matter if I live under the same wroof as her or not, shes still not my mom."

"If we get married then she will be your mother!"

"No, She'll be my step mom and by the way I'm not going to call her mom not now or ever!!!" I scream pointing to the door.

"Just know that she is going to start moving her stuff in tomorrow, so if you don't like it you canstay and put up with it or leave."

I slam the door as he walks out. I look down at my side and think should I, Yes. I grab the shoe box and find my blade and make 7 slits. I grab my journal and start to write and write and write till I cant feel my hand anymore. I put down my journal and slowly drift to sleep.

Chapter 3

I wake up and I feel the cold dry blood on the inside of my shirt. I roll over in disgust and look at my clock. Only midnight, "damn it" I mumble to myself. I get up and change my shirt and put on some comfy pants.


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