Baby Talk

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Liam- Daddy (25)
Niall-Papa (24)
Harry-Baba (24)
Louis- (3)

"Daaaady!" Louis called from the hallway as he toddled through the halls of the house, looking through every door.
"In here, buddy!" Liam called from the living room, where all three fathers were sat. Liam was going through some work emails, Niall was scrolling through Netflix, and Harry was sipping on a nice hot cup of tea and flipping through a Gucci magazine.

Louis sauntered into the room as he sighed deeply. He went over the the couch where Liam and Niall were sat. He flopped onto the couch, letting out one more big, dramatic sigh. The three men chuckled at their baby's way of getting attention.
"Alright," Liam sighed, setting his computer aside and pulling the little boy into his lap. "What's got you all dramatic?" He tickled his side a little. Louis giggled, before resuming his previous slouch and pouty position.

"No one will answer my cestion!" The boy huffed.
"Well, what's your question?" Liam asked. "I'm sure we can help,"

"Where do babies come from?!" Louis asked innocently, looking up at Liam with wide curious eyes. Harry almost choked on his tea, as he tried to resist a laugh. He was both amused and unsure at the same time. How were they suppose to explain to their three year old where babies come from?

Liam cleared his throat, as Niall laughed uncontrollably, his laughs filtering through the room.
"'Top laughin', Papa!" Louis exclaimed angrily. Why has he laughing?

"Uhh, well...they erm...come from mommies tummies." Liam stammered out. The young boy nodded and stayed silent for a few minutes before asking,
"But-but how did it get in there?" He asked with a perplexed look. "Does the mommy eat the baby?!" Their baby asked, looking a bit worried. All three fathers had to resist a laugh; they're baby was so funny!
"No, love, the mommy doesn't eat the baby." Liam chuckled.

"Then how do they get in there?" Louis asked again impatiently. Liam's brain went blank as he tried to explain to the lad where babies came from without actually saying where they come from.

"Uhh. . .well, erm they uh-" Liam stammered before he was cut off by Harry.

"Who wants ice cream!?" Harry yelled, getting up and going to the kitchen.

"MEEEEEEE!!!" An energetic Louis yelled, running off with Harry, completely forgetting about his question. Niall trailed behind. Liam let out a breath of relief.

Their baby was certainly a curious one.

Author's Notes-

Short and sweet :)

In the future, the one-shots will be longer. But it's my first one so I thought I'd start it simple.

Louis is my favourite age-play/kidfic/fluff baby so expect a lot with him as the baby!

I do enjoy writing one-shots so I'll hopefully update frequently. However, My Little Kiwi is my first priority right now.

As always, leave prompts! And I love you!

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