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As the day progressed, they all began getting ready for the eventful night, that could break, and maybe fix hearts. Reservations were made, people were invited, and glares were given. Will the night go as planned?


We were headed to this fancy restaurant called 2Fancy4You. (don't ask)
It was nerve wracking, yet exciting? I honestly don't even know anymore. When we got there, more of people had showed up. More than we expected. Meghan, Jestan, and a few more other people were there. I guess, the more the better. After greeting everyone, we made our way into the restaurant. Shelby and I, hand in hand, and the others, casually making their way inside. We were lead to our table.

Perfect. More people, which means more of a distraction! Hopefully, I can get Will to realize who he's clearly meant to be with.

This place seems like they don't have pizza, and that's really disappointing. The menu is wayyyy too fancy. OH WAIT, I SEE WAFFLES. NEVERMIND, I'M TOTALLY ORDERING THAT.

Fancy for the only real adult parent here. Nice. Wait. What.

Ooooooh. Fairy lights!

I kinda want McDonalds.

I think Meghan wants McDonalds.

A few minutes of looking through the menu, the waiter and waitress came to assist such a large group of people. Many ordering a bunch of different types of foods.
As we waited for our food, conversations sparked into the air. I hope the things I had been saying, made sense. Because, my mind had not been focusing on conversations. My thoughts were all over the place. Scared about Bee being here. (I already know what y'all are gonna do. "Bee "bee"ing here.")
Scared about everything that could happen.

Later, their foods finally came. It basically turned into a feast with unacceptable music in the background. Who would want fancy music in the background, of a feast? Definitely not these YouTube gamers. Graser then requested for a DJ, and things were getting way more exciting. Apparently, this fancy restaurant could turn into a club when it was requested. After their meals, they all began dancing, and singing along to the songs being played. Alcohol was not involved. Not only because H didn't allow, but because they were the type of people who wouldn't drink alcohol. (We all know, that apple juice wasn't what Will was drinking at Tomorrowland.)
The night went on. It was all fun, and enjoyment, until Will had to go to the bathroom.

"Hey Grase! If Shelby asks where I am, tell her I went to the bathroom!" I yelled
"Okay!" Graser said, as he busted multiple, terrible dance moves.
I cringed at the look of it.

Perfect. Will is heading to the bathroom, time to make my move.
I headed for the bathrooms, slowly following Will, and making sure no one was following me. As Will opened the door to the bathroom, I grabbed his hand, and pulled him closer towards me.
"Wha-- Bee?! What are you doing?"
"Hi Will! So, what happened to that vow? You know, where we would end up together?!" I asked fiercely, as I corned him.
"I-I moved on! If you were me, you probably would have moved on too!" I rolled my eyes, in disbelief.
"I wouldn't move on! Because I know, that there's someone waiting for me, and at the same time, I'm waiting for them! You decided to move on, with me on the side, fixing things up! I was improving myself, so, I could be a better person for you! And when I come back, I find out that the person I had feelings for is engaged?! Are you kidding me?"
"Bee, listen, I'm sorry! But what was I supposed to do?! What was I supposed to do about feelings I had forming for another girl! You've been gone for like 2 almost 3 years, and you expect me to continue waiting? Why would you decide to come when you know that I've moved on?"
I was tired of all the arguing.
"To show you what you're missing." I pulled Will into a strong, passionate kiss. Hoping he'd realize what he could have instead.

All this dancing, made me realize that Will wasn't around. Last I saw him, he was with Graser. I walked over to Graser, planning to ask him where my fiancé was.
"Graser! Where's Will?"
"Uhhh. He's in the bathroom!"
"Okay, thanks!"
As I walk into the corridor where the bathrooms are, I see something really disturbing. Two people in a full on make out session... And they look like... Will and Bee.
I hide behind the fake bushes, that were used for the fancy scenery.
Tears began uncontrollably running down my face. I could feel my heart completely aching. I wasn't breathing properly, mostly because I wasn't allowing myself to. I saw my fiancé kissing someone else. It was a picture that was permanently burned into my thoughts. That only started to make things worse. More tears came. I could feel large cracks in my heart. I could feel the depression. I could feel... The Rage. I clenched my fists, noticing the ring on my finger. A tear had fallen onto the oval diamond which was meant to symbolize love. I couldn't take it. I couldn't be here. I rushed out of the restaurant, going unnoticed. I began to drive home, trying to stop the tears at the same time. The drive felt like forever, but eventually, I was there. I ran up to MY apartment, and locked myself in. I began crying even more. Sobbing. Regretting. Packing. I ran into my room, and began packing up Will's clothes. I couldn't have him here. I couldn't see him. I couldn't stand his presence. I packed, and packed. Shutting his suitcase, and pushing it into the living room, near the door. I collapsed onto the couch, with tears streaming down. No sobs. Just tears, and pieces of my heart. I looked over at my ring, suddenly, hating everything about it.

I immediately pull away.
"Bee, I... I don't love you. You aren't the one for me. Shelby is. And don't ever try to change my mind. Because you're never gonna be as amazing as Shelby is."
"WILL, NO. You don't even realize! You and I are meant to be! Why are you doing this?!"
"I'm sorry, but I moved on. It's your turn."
I rushed out of the corridor, looking for Shelby around the room. I don't spot her. I walk over to Graser.
"Graser, where is Shelby?!"
"I thought she was with you! I told her you were going to the bathroom." He explained
Oh no. No no no... SHE SAW WHAT HAPPENED.
"But I'm still having so much fun!"
I turned to H
"OKAY! You passed your curfew anyways."

We headed for home. Regret and guilt building up in my chest. When we got there, I thanked H for bringing me back. I ran to the apartment, and tried to open the door. It was locked. I began to knock on the door. Shelby answers, with tears stains, followed by tears streaming down her face.
"Shelby..." I had no words. She was hurt.
"I hope you both are happy together." She said blankly.
"Here are your stuff..." She hands me my suitcase
"Shelby, no! I-I'm not moving out! I'm staying with you, and I'm going to fix thi--" She cut me off
"There's nothing to fix! If you wanted to end up with Bee sooner, you should have let me know! So, I wouldn't have to be dealing with all this worthless pain! I regret saying yes. I regret everything. Even the happiness I've felt for a year. I... Here." Tears fall down my face, as she takes off her ring. She grabs my hand, and places the ring onto my palm.
"Take it back... I-I don't want it. I don't wanna see you. Not for awhile."
"Shelby, please! I need you! You're the only girl for me! Shelby..." She closes the door on my face, and locks it completely.
"Shelby..." Depression started to kick in. I couldn't help but bury my face into my palms, with the ring. I slid down, onto the ground.
What have I done?

Well... I'll just leave things here.

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