3-Wild horse

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Nawsheen's point of view

"...in two days, clear for everyone?" Said Mam'zelle Yvonne.

Ugh she just gave a stupid assignment on cafés in Paris. (Sorry for language) : How the hell is that related to French language?

I threw my head on my desk when the bell rings. I should be happy this day is over, right? I'm not. Even if it's Friday and that I'm free for the weekend, I'm not really happy.

Once I'm out of the classroom, I wanted to meet Sally and Alicia to ask them about a lacrosse match occurring soon.

"Hey Cookie" someone whispered behind me, making me jump.

"Hello... cupcake" I smirked.

"You want to watch movies with me?" He asked. Usually, on Friday evenings, we can do a lot of entertaining things. What is he doing? he's just walking besides me and my heart is racing against I don't know what.

"Can't I work on my assignment and finish it for good, then tomorrow we can?" I asked and he nodded.

Then, he was called by his friends so he left me by placing a freaking kiss on my cheek,"See you soon" he whispered and I was, as usual, pa-ra-lyzed on the spot. I think I'm starting to know why, but I'm not really sure, so let's not think it out.

What is happening? Did he say I was his so he could get me fall in love with him, and then ditch me like he did to almost everyone here? How can I get a proof that he's actually not using me? Maybe if I was in 'danger', he wouldn't save me if he didn't like me? What the hell? I'm becoming mad. I need some boy advice. Wow. I never thought I'd think of that one day.

Instead of going to Alicia and Sally, I made my way towards the boy's department, where there were their dorms and knocked on number 86.

"Come in," I heard him say and I entered, taking in his messy room. I wonder how guys manage to keep their room this messy. And no, my room isn't tip top clean, but at least I don't have underwear somehow stuck on the ceiling and socks coming out of the laptop.

"Hey babe," greeted Asher, a good friend of mine. We met on the fifth day of school, when I was still a first-former, and I remember Zayn being his bestfriend at the time, but somehow over the years, they didn't interact with each oter anymore. They both went on their own and tied new friendship bonds.

"Hello, and don't 'Babe' me, or I'm going to call you Asherine," I said and sat on his bed, next to where he was lying. 'Asherine' was the feminine way I called 'Asher', which is a golden thing for blackmails.

"Okay, whatever. Sooo, spill," He said, shutting his mobile down and sitting face-to-face to me.I sighed. Why did I come here? How is he going to advise me?

"I need your help," I stated, unsure of how to really put it and he nodded without a second thought.

"Anything for you honey," He winked and waited for me to explain. Well well, seems like I have no choice. Or maybe I should just leave.

"Do you know Zayn?" I asked and he nodded,"well, don't freak out, I somehow am his for three months."

"What?" he chokes, coughing and breathing hard for dear oxygen and fanning himself dramatically. I swear he's more dramatic than the old auntys in indian movies.

"Stop being dramatic. It started in Chemistry classes where ..." I related everything once more to him. He wasn't really the one to fish for gossip, like my dear best friends.

"So you want to know if he is using you or not?" He asked and I nodded,"Do you like him, then?" He asked, looking directly into my eyes.

Do I like him? No...Yes? A bit. A more than a bit. No, not at all. Then why do you care if you do not like him? Okay, maybe I do...just a bit? I mean, he's okay. He's better than what I expected him to be, now that he speaks to me like a normal unperverted person.

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