Chapter 27

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Life is always a surprise and will be. Yet, human always thinks that he knows everything and everything is in control which is absolutely wrong. That was what Daiyan felt hearing Batool aunt's proposal for Safiya and now sitting in front of his mother.

Last night he came back to Gwalior with Safiya and Batool aunt. They discussed nothing about the marriage proposal after that. Yeah, Safiya showed him her anger as she placed the tray with a huge thud in front of him and also before going shoved out her tongue at him when her Dado was not seeing. Didn't know why she was showing him her anger? She also said no!

Wasn't his luck or heed of his silent wishes that Safiya was about to come in his life just like as he wanted but he stopped her! More like stopped himself to become the luckiest person on earth because the great Daiyan Mustufa who had a rough and rouge exterior, was a coward from inside. He was afraid of getting into the puzzles of marriage and wanted to save himself from every commitment.

That was the only reason he said no and now he was regretting it. It was too sudden for him, Batool aunt talking about his marriage, that too with Safiya... it was a hell lot of awkward and shocking to him. But why did Safiya said no? Daiyan had his own reasons but why she denied marriage with him? He was confused about why he was feeling slightly angry at her rejection, maybe because that was giving him the idea of someone's presence in her life, someone other than Daiyan whom she wanted to see as her better half.

"Speak something, Daiyan!" 

Mum jerked his arm to snatch him back to present and he looked up to find Mum, Batool aunt staring at him.


"Your reasons for the denial!"

Daiyan raked a tired hand in his messy locks, worriedly looking at his mother. She knew his reasons but still, she was forcing him to spill all of that in front of Batool aunt. She was his mother's friend but Daiyan never close to anyone except his Mum and he had no habit to uncover his weakness on every other person.

"Look Daiyan. Batool had already talked to me about this and I have no problem with it. I think she is a nice girl who will suit you-"

"Mum, she is a lot younger than me. See our age difference." 

When Daiyan didn't find any good for the reasoning, he threw this thing in between the conversation.

"It's only nine years Daiyan. It's not much, you don't know in earlier times the difference used to be a lot more than ten years. It'll be fine."

Perhaps Mum had made her mind to make Safiya his wife, even if that little girl didn't want him in her life. She was asleep in her room without bothering about the whole chaos of the world outside her room.

"But Mum she didn't want to marry me. You know this."

Now Daiyan moved to Batool aunt who was silent in the whole conversation up till now. She looked up and he felt like he had woken her up from deep thought.

"Whatever it is but I can't let her live on her own now. That's a second time in a row when she is saved from a big danger. I can't let this happen again and I know I can trust you."

"But aunt-"

"If you're thinking about her denial then I can assure you she will be fine. You tell me do you want to marry her or not?"

That was the elephant in the room for him, Daiyan wanted to avoid this question as far as he could but it was more than hard for him. One part of his heart was screaming a sure shot yes while the other part was hidden behind the tiny hills of doubts and fear, stopping him from taking any kind of action.

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