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I laughed nervously.

"Oh no, not now" I smiled at the old woman and smirked at Xander. Suddenly my mind drifted to good things and I wanted to explore.

"Now I'll take my leave, surely I will come back some day" The old woman smiled warmly and both men head to the carriages.

"No problem my dear, I will look forward to our next meeting, maybe I will prepare something for you"

I smiled and after hugging her I skipped to the carriages, this time on the one with Robert.

"Hey Rob!" Rob smiled and hugged me, kissing me on the forehead but where are the butterflies that used to be in my stomach whenever we touched?

"Princess I think you are in the wrong carriage" Came the voice of one and only love of my life. I guess I can use the term because I am in a happy mood.

"I guess I'm on the right one, why don't you join us too?" I implied for him to come and company us. Maybe giving him a chance would surely get everything straight. That's what he wanted from the start and now if I feel the same, I think it's time I put my differences and questions aside. At least I have my father at my side. But sadly not the one that used to be my mother.

Xander looked surprised and Rob cleared his throat.

"No,I guess I and princess has some things to discuss, alone." Rob answered and I frowned. Surely we have many to discuss but that is not the time now, I want to enjoy some time. But luckily the King didn't got angry and just smirked.

"Oh sad, then dear Robert," He said his name mockingly. "Because I would surely like to accompany you" He smirked and sat on my left while I was sandwiched between the two.

Guess it's a long ride.

"So what did you do in this good for nothing place?" Robert asked and pulled out a disgusting face and Xander growled beside me while I? I am uncomfortable with the question, surely this is not the time when I should discuss the hardships I faced in this place. I fidgeted with my fingers and cleared my throat.

"Nothing special, just roaming here and there" I replied with a fake smile after a pregnant silent, Robert looked unsure of my answer but brushed it off but I guess Xander had some other wicked plans.

"I am sure these months have not been well for the princess" He mocked, I know, I know he is joking just by looking at his face and the humour in his eyes but this is no joke for me, I gasped audibly and tried to dismiss my unshed building tears. It was becoming hard to breath. Both men in the carraige noticed my discomfort and tears and I can swear if it weren't for me holding Robert's hand, he would have lunged forward and started a fight then and there to find out what had been the cause of my tears.

"I..I am sorry Anastasia, that was a pathetic sentence from my side, I...I know I should have been careful..." And for the first time ever the King of this deadly land was out of words, it pleased me knowing that I have this effect on him, so I merely smiled and tried to dismiss the topic by making light conversation.

"Forget about me Robert because I am nothing but a bore piece of flesh, tell me what you did after my departure or rather I say kidnapping" I purposely looked at Xander while saying the last word and he looked rather uncomfortable, to say the least I am more than pleased.

"Uh...let me think, the time you have been gone I did nothing but to dream about you" He joked and I laughed while the one on my other side isn't too happy about our smiles, well who cares I am here to enjoy.

"Oh, don't joke mad things, just tell me what you have been doing?" I pulled my chin forward and supported it with my palms which I put on my knees.

"Nothing, just repairing broken things and helping peop--" before Rob could finish his sentence, Xander interrupted loudly and announced that we have reached.

But I have a hunch that this interruption was not about reaching the place but rather to stop robert from what he was about to say or reveal, but before I could further ask or say anything he pulled me out of the carriage and left me stunned.

But what was Robert talking about fixing and helping and what these men are trying to hide from me?

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