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I hated them, loathed them and wish I had none to do.

"Ugh," I groaned, "I feel more like a slave than an actual assistant," I grumbled to myself as I felt the cold breeze hit me against the face.

I shuddered and pulled on my coat, though the thick fabric did little to mask the chilly sensations.

My loving boss was so adamant in getting his pulled chicken sub from his favourite place-apparently it was the only shop to make such a meal-that he insisted I get it especially for him, instead of ordering on the phone like a sane person, he sent me, his tiny minion to do the dirty work.

"Finally," I mumbled and rushed my way inside the warm shop.

"Hey Elisa," my head perked up to the high tone of the cashier.

I was pretty much a regular seeing as it was the only type of sandwich Darius seemed to enjoy for lunch. I sighed, honestly with the amount of food he ate in a day, I always wondered how he was still able to maintain his weight.

I on the other hand was quick to gain a few inches on my waist and thighs from just a few snacks, something which seemed to have been a problem, given the recent dinner invites I had been having.

"Hey," I replied back to Evan.

"The usual?" He asked with a wink, knowing all too well why I was here.

"Unfortunately," I rolled my eyes as he chuckled.

"Oh come on, it can't be that bad, I mean you're working for the Fontaine." He raised his dark brows at my glare.

I leaned against the counter, thankfully it was warm. "On paper it sounds pretty cool, but try working for him and I mean for him. I thought personal assistants just did all the boring paper work bosses hated-which I do- but this is just ridiculous." I blew my fringe away and thought back to how I got an earful for replying too late to an e-mail.

Well sorry for having my hands full and being busy, whilst you cuddle up to your fiancée in your office. Yeah she came again and they were . . .

I nearly gagged.

"Earth to Elisa, you okay?"

"Oh crap, sorry Evan, just been a long day." I smiled sheepishly at him, gosh why was I being so grumpy?

"Don't mention it, I can tell you've been working hard. You know even if it does seem pretty tough you just gotta keep up with it. The work load I mean." Evan nodded as he grabbed a handful of chicken with a pair of tongs and went to work with the sub.

"I guess," I mean even though I didn't get paid, I had everything. A house, a cosy bed and food. But it wasn't the same as having my own money to spend on myself.

"Thanks for helping anyway Evan, even though I know I'm just gonna go back in a grump." I shook my head slowly and paid him with the company's card.

"Hey it's what I do," he grinned and handed me an extra bag.

"What's this?" I asked, furrowing my brows.

"Your food." He replied, winking at me with his round eyes.

I inwardly scoffed, here was a college kid trying to woo me.

"You know there's no need for that," I smirked and grabbed Darius' food.

"I know, but it's on the house, call it a . . . give yourself a break kinda meal?" He shrugged and lowered his head slightly in embarrassment.

I caught the little blush on his cheeks and took the favour off his hands. "Cheers, Evan."

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