Just letting you know...

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I got requested by @DanishaClark for a restricted story about a new girl who got shown a fun time with a group of hot guys... so I wrote a first chapter up!

I wasn't going to start anything until I finished The Elementals but hot dang if I couldn't keep that fantasy out of my head! LOL!

So it's about a girl, Bella, who's getting lots of loving from Rorke (a cowboy), Taylor (delicious chocolate man), and Logan and Lucas (identical twins).

I haven't really bothered to make a cover or even thought up of a blurb for it because I'm lazy like that... so if anyone wanted to make me a cover I'd forever be grateful and will dedicate the next chapter to you.
Though I will warn you, since I have so many fans demanding uploads for different stories uploads won't be regular.

The Elementals is my first priority because it has a deadline then after that's finished ... well let's say that the fun times will begin!

So yeah, check it out! I know all you pervs out there will love it because it's already gotten hot and steamy ;)

Thanks! xx 

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