Ch. 38 Stupid & Drunk

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~ Logan's P.O.V ~

I saw Ayla, standing there so seductively, biting her lip and smiling.

She had a bottle of vodka in her hand


I closed Evan's door.

"Ayla, what are you doing."

She smiled.


I covered her mouth.

"Okay that's enough, let's go Ayla."

She winked at me.

"We are having seeeeeeeeexx"

I picked her up, and carried her to my bed.

~ Y'know what I'm already gonna say, this scene is sexualllll ~

I lied her down on my bed, she was smiling at me.

"Logey beaaaaar"

I blinked.

"Yes Ayla?"

She bit her lip.

"Can we snuggleeeeee"

I didn't say anything, I stood still.

She gave me puppy eyes.

"Pleaseeee I promise it's just cuddling?"

I smiled a bit, but I wiped it away.


I lied on the right side of her.

She put her arms around me.

I had my back facing her.

She turned me around.

My face was facing her.

She looked in my eyes, and I looked back in hers.

Her beautiful brown eyes are so beautiful.

She smiled at me.

Her brown eyes sparkled.

I looked away, I turned my back to her again, and smiled.

I started shutting my eyes.

A few minutes later.

I opened my eyes.

I turned to Ayla's side, I realized she wasn't there anymore.

The lights turned off.

I got up.

Struggling to find the light in the darkness.

But then, I feel a body press against mine.

I felt a tingle go down my spine.

I smiled, and let out a little sigh.

I felt the figure play with my hair.

"Hey sexy."

I faced to the figure.


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