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"Emily?" Someone taps me and I wake up.
"Hmm?" I hum just waking up.
"We're at Walmart come on lets go inside." I open my eyes and see the brown haired one.

He has gorgeous blue eyes that you could drowned in. I nod and he helps me out.

"Wait." I say and they all stop walking, fear covering most of their faces.
"Please don't freak out." Sam says.
"I'm not. I just realized you all know who I am but I only know Sam." I say and they all sigh in relief.
"I'm Colby." The dark brown haired one says.
"I'm Elton." The one with the beard says.
"I'm Corey." The buff one says.
"Okay. Why am I here?" I ask.
"We're getting snacks." Corey says.
"No. Not at Walmart. With you guys. Why am I with you guys?" I clarify.
"We'll explain more when we get back to the car." Elton says and starts walking again.

We all follow going inside.

*time warp to after shopping"

We all pile back into the car and pass around the drinks and snacks.

"Emily." Elton says after he starts the car but turned off the radio.
"Yeah?" I ask.
"The reason we bought you is you're going to be our slave... sex slave." Elton says bluntly.
"What? That's crazy I've never even kissed anyone?" I say in shock.
"Yeah that's kinda why we bought you." Corey adds.
"But you see, Corey and Sam both have girlfriends, so we came up with a back story for you." Colby starts.
"You met Colby on the internet and became really close friends, so you decided to move out to California to live with us." Sam finishes.
"So you guys bought me to be a sex slave but half of you are in relationships?" I ask.

Corey and Sam both look out the windows avoiding the question.

"No. There's five of us. Aaron just stayed home." Colby says.
"Someone had to stay and watch the dogs." Elton adds.
"Why do you have this crazy story all made up?" I ask.
"So our girlfriends don't get suspicious and we're YouTubers and don't want our subscribers to get suspicious either." Sam says.
"Okay. So I met Colby online and now I'm moving out to live with y'all?" I ask to clarify.
"Yes." Elton says. He turns around and starts driving.

The drive was extremely long but I honestly didn't care. It gave me time to think about what is happening and the more I think about it, the more okay I am. We drive all night and most of us fall asleep every so often but never staying asleep for long. We finally get into LA around four in the morning. By the time we get to the house the sun is already rising.

When I get out of the car I gape at the huge building in front of me. Their house is the size of my school, even though my school is very small but still. Sam shows me around the house quickly before showing me to my room(the office). It's a fairly small room but it still bigger than my room at home. I thank him and crawl into bed, falling asleep very quickly.

*time warp, "morning"*

I wake up to sun in my eyes and quiet chirping out the window. I get up and brush my hair, quickly get dressed, and go downstairs. I hear the guys talking so I walk into the living room. I'm greeted by a small girl that is very happy to see me.

"Hey I'm Devyn! It's so nice to meet and to have another girl in the house!" She says happily and pulls me into a hug.

I hug her back and when we pull away I go sit down on the couch. Devyn and Corey leave shortly after, leaving just Colby, Sam, and I.

"Is she always like that?" I ask.

They both laugh and nod.

"Where's Elton? And when am I going to meet Aaron?" I ask.
"Elton took Circa for a walk and Aaron is still asleep so you'll meet him when he gets up." Sam says.
"When Elton gets back he's going to talk to you about the rules and your job." Colby says.

I just nod. They go back to playing video games so I go into the kitchen. I grab a glass and fill it with water. I drink it and set the glass in the sink. I stand there thinking before I'm broke out of my thoughts.

"You must be Emily." I man with blonde hair says.
"You must be Aaron. It's nice to meet you. Now I know all of my owners." I say trying to joke but it stings slightly.

He smiles weakly at me. That's when I notice the dog on the floor.

"Well hello there." I say squatting down to pet him. "Who are you?"
"That's Buddy. I'm on my way outside with him." Aaron says.
"Buddy, do you wanna go outside?" I ask and he hops up a little. "Lets go outside!"

I go outside with Aaron and Buddy. I watch as Buddy runs around.

"How old is he?" I ask.
"About 6 months. Or I mean I've had him for six months. I'm actually not sure how old he is." He explains.
"Well he's super cute. I love dogs." I say.

We sit in silence watching Buddy for awhile before he runs over to us. Aaron gives him a treat and we go inside.

As we walk in the back door Elton walks in the front. Motions for me to follow him so I do. I walk over and follow him into the garage which has a couch and a TV set up. I noticed the pink tinted dog following Elton around. I assume that is Circa.

"Hi Circa!" I say and she walks over to me. I start petting her and sit on the couch.

Elton locks the door and sits on the couch next to me. He takes a deep breath before he starts talking. I have noticed that all of the guys listen to him and so I have the feeling that he's kind of the leader around here. But this still seems hard for him.

"Do you know why you're in here?" He asks.
"You wanted to talk to me about why I'm here and the rules." I say and he nods.
"There are just a few rules. One, no flirting with any of us around the house. Two, you do what any of us guys want you to do no questions asked. Three, you will listen to me over anyone else." He says.
"Yes, sir." I say.
"You already call me sir so I don't need to make that a rule. Just don't do it in front of guests, on camera, or around Devyn." Elton says and I nod. "Other than that act normal. We want you to get comfortable before hopping into it so you get a few days to adjust."
"Thank you, sir." I say.
"When it is time for you to start your job, I will let you know. And I'll be your first job." He says with a smile making my face heat up.

He stands up and I do also. We go out into the living room. I sit in one of the giant beanbags and Buddy hops up on my lap. I sit there petting him.

None of these guys are unattractive, really they're all fairly attractive. Plus they seem like really cool guys, I think I can learn to like it here.

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