Chapter 22: Not Hidden but Still Out of Sight

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Music boomed outside Lela's door and bass quaked under the soles of her feet as she stood in front of the gold floor length mirror fastening the post onto her diamond encrusted citrine stud earrings. She marveled at her reflection—the black dress close to her small waist and effortlessly flared out around her voluptuous hips and stopped inches above her thick thighs. Her box braids were pulled over her shoulder as the dying sun ignited a twinkle in the yellow gems in her ear.

   She remembered the last time she'd worn them

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She remembered the last time she'd worn them. It was the last time she was home—in Chicago. They were the earrings she loved to wear, her everyday earrings—the ones she wore when her mother hadn't handpicked her outfit.

"I like those." Trevor offered, looking up from his phone as he lied across her pink paisley comforter covered bed. "They're beautiful."

"Indeed they are." She toyed with the stud marveling at how the yellow complimented her mahogany complexion.

Trevor started back typing on his phone, "Are they new? I've never seen them before."

Lela chuckled, fling her braids off her shoulder while twisting on her heels, "I have many items in my repertoire." She strutted to her closet and stood in front of the opened doors peering at the rows of shoes in plastic boxes—shoes she acquired over the years since being in Texas. She rolled her bister eyes over Nike's, Puma's, Converse's and Vans but pulled out a pair of red Addias Superstar's.

"So, you're getting the rest of your things out of storage?" Trevor asked dropping the cell on the bed giving her his full attention. His eyebrows knitted, "Are those from your storage?" He jutted his stubble laced chin towards her earrings.

Lela plopped down in the white faux-fur butterfly chair then brushed her eyes over her white wood framed full bed and the matching nightstand and desk that came with it; all items which came from said storage. She tried not to used the things that were in the ten by ten storage unit but there was no way she could afford bedroom furniture on a barista's salary.

"No. Sylvan had these in her safe." She gestured to her ears then pulled the shoes from the clear container. "And I'm not going to that storage unit."

"Don't you think its time, though?" Trevor sat up, pulling his jean covered legs in front of him.

Lela fit her sock lined foot in the red shoe, "Not at all." She pulled the long laces up then went about tying them. "I don't want their things."

"Those aren't their things." Trevor insisted. "They're your things."

"Brought by them."

"So, you don't want the things in the storage unit?"

"They don't want me." She demurely shrugged trying to conceal the pain in her eyes.

Trevor scooted to the edge of the bed letting his long legs hang over the side, "But you haven't talked to them in three do you know they feel the same."

"I don't care how they feel." She lowered her gaze to her feet examining her laces making sure both bows were evenly tied. "I don't want to talk about this." She was proud of her shoelaces then hopped out the chair. "There is a party going on out there." She pointed to the door. "The last thing, I want to talk about are my parents...that love their money and image more than me."

"Fine." Trevor rose to his feet. "Topic dropped...for now." He quickly added the last part and didn't shake in his boots from the scowl she gave him.

"All I want to do..." She held her waist. "...Is drink some of Alyssa's tame punch and grind on my fiancé. Can you grant my wish?" She smirked.

"I can do that but..." Trevor wrapped his arms around Lela, pulling her against his firm torso. "We got to talk about the hard stuff, too. You know?"

Lela strung her arms around his neck and rose up on her toes to plant a kiss on his lips then dropped back down, "I know." She played with the hair on the back of his neck, "But not tonight, okay."

"Not tonight." He dropped his arms from around her waist and pulled her hands from his neck but kept one hand firmly in his grasp, "Tonight we party."

Lela led them to the door and swung it open drowning them in bass.

Do you think Lela and Trevor need to talk about the things in her storage or should he stay in his lane?

Why do you think Lela keeps the things in the storage?

Why do you think Lela keeps the things in the storage?

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